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Baggining | Fanny Pack Inspiration

Black Heart Shaped Belt Bag Cute Fanny Pack with Purse Strap Pink Bow Shaped Crosspack Cute Belt Bag Fashion Fanny Pack Pink Bow Cute Hand Purse Funny Pack Mini Crossbody Bag
Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Today, I will be talking about one of the fashion items which came back to fashion from the past. If you are one of us, one of the kids who were born in the 90s, you surely still remember people wearing it - fanny pack. To be honest, I had one or two of them too, haha. But c'mon, I was a child! And you know what? I can´t really remember when they disappeared from the streets. It feels like it happened from a day to day.

There are also people who just can´t stand them but I have to say that those new ones are more fashionable and cooler than the older ones! Just look at the picture above. Pink & black combination, in the first case a bow, in the second a heart-shaped one and the last is a mini handbag. You have to admit, that they changed a lot!

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