June 02, 2020

UniWigs | The most beautiful colourful wigs


Hello, my lovely little licornes! ~ It has been quite a time since I published here anything connected with hair, right? Especially when it comes to wigs, which I am truly fond of! In my collection, I do only have three wigs, but to be honest, I usually wear the only one of them - the long vivid pink one with the slightly curled ends. In the past, I owned more of synthetic wigs. I can remember having the long straight silver one and a long straight blonde one too, but since they were not really good quality ones, I only used them for a few times and I had to throw them away since they were not usable anymore.

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It is truly sad if you pay for something and you expect it to not only look but to also be a good quality item. Well, when it comes to wigs, it is better to invest in one then cry over the spilt milk later. Believe me. Especially when you plan to wear it like a normal "everyday hair", it is truly important to do some "research" before actually buying some. Do not forget to look up some relevant reviews as well.

Have you ever dreamt of having a bright colourful hair too? I have longed for it since I was a small child, really! I have always wanted to have a pastel purple or pink hair. But the problem is, that I do not want to bleach my natural hair since it´s really soft and fragile. And I would not survive the fact - literally - if I had to cut my hair in case the bleach would have damaged it really bad. But thanks God we do live in a time that we can easily transform our hair colour on a whim, right?

For example, UniWigs has one of the most beautiful wigs I have ever seen! There are many different lengths, styles and colours to choose from. Some of the colours are truly unique since I haven´t seen anything similar on other wigs selling sites ever! And since I really fall in love with them, I decided to choose some of them as an inspiration for you too in case, you´ve been thinking of getting a wig as well. My selection may help you with deciding on which one to get for yourself ~ If you haven´t found anything to your taste, try browsing Wigs for summer collection to find the perfect one just for you ♥

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