Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop Serum Review

Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop Serum Review

Krásnu sobotu želám všetkým ~ Počuli ste už o zázraku s názvom Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop Serum? Predpokladám, že väčšina z vás pravdepodobne nie, ale aspoň tie z vás, ktoré sa zaujímajú o kórejskú kozmetiku, by do styku s týmto sérom už prísť mohli. Ide o prvé anti-aging protivráskové sérum vyrobené kórejskou značkou kozmetiky dear, Klairs. Jeho hlavnými zložkami sú EGF (sh-Oligopeptid-1), bFGF (sh-Polypeptid-1) a 95% raw ingrendiencií. Zaujímavosťou je, že je vyrobené z iba 10 kľúčových zložiek, medzi ktorými sa nenachádza čistá voda pre jeho vysokú koncentráciu a maximálny účinok. Je obsiahnuté v tmavohnedej sklenenej fľaštičke s objemom 20 ml a dávkuje sa pipetou. Ide o sérum veľmi vodnatej konzistencie a pekne sýtej modrej farby.

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Have you already heard about a little miracle called Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop Serum? I suppose that most of you may not but maybe some of those who are interested in k-beauty might have heard something. It´s a first anti-aging product made by a korean beauty brand called dear, Klairs. Its main ingredients are EGF (sh-Oligopeptide-1), bFGF (sh-Polypeptide-1) and 95% raw materials. Serum is made of only 10 ingredients where isn´t contained a purified water because of the high concentration and high strength delay-aging serum. It´s contained in a dark brown glass bottle with a capacity of 20 ml together with a pipette. This serum is a very watery one - it almost looks like a toner and it has a lovely blue colour.

Zaful Double 11 sale!

Are you wondering what is Zaful Double 11? Well, "Double 11" means November 11th, which is a day when Chinese people go on massive Internet shopping sprees because many online stores offer huge discounts on this day. In recent years, double eleven has become China´s e-commerce industry´s annual event, and gradually affect the international e-commerce industry.

This is the day for crazy shopping, everything you found is on big sale! This special day should be spread across the globe. So here it is! We invite you to join this insane annual event. If you miss it, you will regret it.

Christmas is coming slowly ..

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Zaful Christmas Sweaters
Hello my lovely little licornes ~ A few days ago I already experienced a joy of being in a christmas mood. I was also browsing a chritmas clothing on Zaful! And how did it happen? A few days ago I published a christmasy photo on my Instagram too. I had been shopping some beauty goodies and I just couldn´t have helped myself and had left a christmas decor behind. I bought dark pink christmas balls, "angel´s hair", scented candles, an advent calendar and a spray that creates a snowy effect. They were literally calling for me! 

Oh my, I can´t wait until December. Well, I can at least rejoice myself by looking at christmas themed stuff. Also, I´m publishing this article now because most of the online e-shops have free shipping. That means that you will receive purchased goodies after a longer time. In this case, it´s good to purchase the christmas clothing now so you can be sure to receive it before Christmas actually comes!

Zaful Pink Low Top Ribbon Sneakers

Zaful Low Top Ribbon Sneakers

Krásny štvrtok želám všetkým ~ Vidíte tie úžasné a rozkošné mašličkové tenisky v ružovej farbe? Práve tie mi spoločne s ďalším produktom prišli niekedy behom minulého týždňa z e-shopu Zaful. Objednávala som ich tuším pred nejakým mesiacom, ale keďže ku mne leteli cez pol sveta, je očividné, že sa ku mne dostali až teraz. Musím uznať, že ide o naozaj kvalitný druh obuvi, čo som možno ani neočakávala. Sú pevné, pohodlné a veľkosť 37 mi pefektne sadla! Okrem mašličiek prišli v balíčku aj klasické šnúrky do topánok - ružové. Sú vyrobené z falošnej PU kože.

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Can you see this adorable pink low top ribbon sneakers? I got them last week together with another product. I ordered both items through Zaful - it was something about month ago I guess. Well, they were traveling to me across the world so it´s normal it took so much to deliver them. I have to say that they are made of a really good-quality material which I wasn´t expecting that much. They are very firm, comfortable and a size 37 fits me just perfectly! Except the bows you can tie them also with the normal shoe laces which were added into package too. Also in a pink colour. They´re made of a PU leather.

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* provided for a review

6 reasons why are black jeans the best

Twinkledeals Black Jeans

Krásnu stredu želám všetkým ~ Indigové, vyšúchané, vyblednuté, potrhané, batikované, rozpárané, zvoncové, bedrové, farebné, sivé a napokon čierne. Toľko druhov, toľko prevedení a toľko možností, ktorými sa tento kúsok oblečenia vyznačuje. Na e-shope Twinkledeals ich nájdete od výmyslu sveta! Niekde som čítala, že džínsy sú stelesnením demokracie v móde. Keď sa nad tým ale človek hlbšie zamyslí, niečo na tom pravdy je. Za posledné desiatky rokov si našli cestu do každého šatníka, bez ohľadu na pohlavie či vek jeho majiteľa. Osobne si neviem predstaviť, žeby som džínsy nenosila. Sú totiž neoddeliteľnou súčasťou môjho šatníka a nosím ich takmer každý deň. Vo svojej zbierke mám niekoľko rozličných kúskov, ale tie tmavé, a vôbec čierne, patria k mojim najobľúbenejším.

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Indigo, scuff, faded, torn, tie-dyed, ripped, bell, hip, coloured, grey and in the end black ones. There are so many kinds, so many designs, so many opportunities how is this piece of clothing indicated. On Twinkledeals you can find so many of them! I read somewhere that they are a personification in fashion. When you think about it, it may be actually very well said. In the last few decades, they have become an inseparable item in every single wardrobe - regardless of gender or age. Personally, I can´t imagine not wearing them. They are like my second skin - especially the dark ones.

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Coats = ♥

Zaful Coats

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ I don´t know how about you, but I have always admired women who wear coats. Especially the longer ones, which look very neat and elegant and which you can also find on Zaful. Coats do not only make you feel warm, but they also form your personality. Why do I think so? It is simple! When I look at the woman who wears a coat, I mostly see a strong personality and dedication to do something, to change something.

For me, the coat is something that symbolizes a strong mind, elegance, dedication, self-satisfaction, contentment and manners. Simply put, for me, the coats symbolize a person who just enjoys life and lives it on his or hers pace.  I have been on a journey of looking for a perfect coat for a few years now and I still hasn´t found the right one yet. But well, I found at least some pretty ones on Zaful ♥ So, why do I love them?

Gamiss Autumn Lookbook

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Since autumn already started, I have been properly thinking about what will I wear outside every day. Well, it is really cold here in Slovakia now so I need to stay warm as much as possible. On Gamiss, there is a various autumn clothing available - sweaters, sweatshirts, scarfs, coats etc. While looking at those clothes and thinking about matching m own wardrobe pieces I realized, that making outfits is a real fun for me! I really like matching for example knitted sweaters and thick sweatshirts with skirts. I think it looks very trendy! This way you can create various styles. I created one elegant and one sporty outfit inspiration. Enjoy ~
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School Bag & Vintage Bag

Cat Patch Tote Bag

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ It has been a while since I posted a review on some goodies I received from Rosegal. And I don´t even speak about how long time it has already been since I posted something connected to bags! I did not buy any new ones for ages, I swear! That is also why I decided to change it and I ordered two bags at once. I also needed a new big one to carry it to my university because I spend there a lot of time - from the early morning to almost evening every day. Naturally, I need to carry many things with myself.

The first bag I will be talking about today you can see on a picture above. Cat Patch Tote Bag is a black shiny one made probably of a fake leather or something similar to this. Even if it´s a solid material, it´s not that heavy at all. I like its adorable front side which looks like a cat with the raised paws. Bag contains a front pocket above the cat´s head. Inside there is only one side pocket but it doesn´t have a zip closing. Cat Patch Tote Bag is a middle sized one so it´s a pretty spacious one. I just love it! I can carry a lot of stuff with myself - even my big notebooks and books! Tote bags are just amazing!

* provided for a review

b*day & pumpkin seed makeup

jesenné líčenie

Nádherný piatok vám želám ~ Dnes oslavujem 21. rok svojho života. Či sa cítim staro? Ani nie. Koniec koncov, je to deň, ako takmer každý iný :) Ráno som si privstala a začala sa pomaly chystať, pretože sme s M* boli dohodnuté zájsť na sushi, ktoré bolo mimochodom úžasné a dostali sme dokonca aj koláčik grátis ♥ Koshi Sushi je v Košiciach moje obľúbené.

Keďže je dnešok pre mňa významným dňom, plánovala som pridať špeciálny článok, ktorý by sa zameral viac na moju osobnosť. Pri rozmýšľaní som si však uvedomila, že v sekcii about me je grafická koláž, ktorá obsahuje všetky dôležité informácie pre tých, ktorí by ma radi spoznali. A keď som tak nad tým uvažovala, dnes sme riešili viac starostí ako radostí. Aj preto som sa rozhodla, že jednoducho zverejním článok s líčením, ktoré som skonštruovala v spolupráci s e-shopom Parfemy-Elnino.sk.

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Today I´m celebrating the 21st year of my life. If I feel old? Well, I don´t think so. In the end, it´s the day like any other. I had woken up a bit earlier today because I was meeting M* later. We decided to go to have a lunch - our beloved sushi in Koshi Sushi in Košice. I just love their sushi - it´s so tasty and it´s even a bit bigger and cheaper than in other sushi restaurants!

Since today is a special day for me I had been thinking about some special article to publish. I had wanted to publish something more personal, but I realized that I already had published something like this in an about me section - but in a more graphic version. This collage contains every single important information about me so .. there´s nothing more to share I guess haha. In the end, I decided to publish a "pumpkin seed" makeup inspiration which I created in a collaboration with Parfemy-Elnino.sk.

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* provided for a review

b*day wishlist and why do I want it

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Peknú stredu želám všetkým ~ Nechce sa mi veriť, koľko času ubehlo odkedy som naposledy zverejnila kozmetický zoznam prianí. Možno to bude preto, že sa už dlho neblížil žiaden môj sviatok. Teraz sa ale jeden pomerne veľký blíži - moje narodeniny. Nemôžem tomu uveriť, že už budem taká stará, haha. Na druhej strane si tiež myslím, že wishlisty sú, mnohokrát, ak nejde o žiadnu inšpiráciu, málo výpovedným článkom. Preto by som rada tento svoj osviežila a pridala k nemu taktiež krátke vysvetlenie, prečo by som daný produkt chcela vyskúšať alebo znova si ho zakúpiť. Musím tiež priznať, že s týmto zoznamom prianí som sa vyhrala a urobila ho v grafickej podobe. Ešte spomeniem, že všetky nižšie uvedené produkty sú dostupné na e-shope Notino.sk. Ak vás zaujíma, ako vyzerá, hor sa perex :)

Benton Fermentation Essence & Eye Cream Review

Benton Fermantation Essence Review

Krásnu stredu želám všetkým ~ V poslednej dobe sa mi toho z kórejskej kozmetiky doma nazbieralo pozoruhodne veľa. Najmä od značky Benton, v rámci ktorej mám doma už štyri produkty! Dnes pri tejto značke zotrvám a podelím sa s vami o môj názor v rámci používania dvoch produktov, ktorými sú Benton Fermentation esencia a Benton Fermentation očný krém. Oba tieto produkty som v rámci spolupráce obdržala od e-shopu Beauty-Effects.com na recenziu. Zároveň by som rada poďakovala e-shopu za možnosť vyskúšania nových produktov ♥

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Recently I upgraded my cosmetic collection with a lot of korean cosmetic products. Most of them are made by a brand called Benton from which I have totally four products at home. Today I will be talking about this brand a bit more cause I will be reviewing two of their products - Benton Fermentation Essence and Fermentation Eye Cream. Both these products I got for a review from an e-shop Beauty-Effects.com. I would like to thank the e-shop for giving me an opportunity to try them ♥

* poskytnuté na recenziu
P.S.: už som si znova zakúpila ďalšiu esenciu a dva očné krémy

* provided for a review
P.S: I already re-order the essence and also two eye creams

Missha Super Aqua Oil Clear Toner Review

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Missha Super Aqua Oil Clear Toner Review

Krásny pondelok vám želám ~ Pre dnešný deň som si pre vás pripravila recenziu na ďalší produkt kórejskej kozmetiky, ktorý používam momentálne každodenne. Do svojej rutiny starostlivosti o pleť som ho implementovala pred niekoľkými týždňami a musím povedať, že si ma ihneď získal. Tentoraz vám prinášam recenziu na Missha Super Aqua Oil Clear toner. Je síce o niečo drahší, ale veľmi ma teší jeho 180 ml kapacita a extrakty, ktoré v sebe ukrýva. Je určený predovšetkým pre mastnú pleť a objednávala som ho cez e-shop Notino.sk.

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ For today´s article I would like to share with you my opinion on another k-beauty product which I´ve been currently using for every day. Into my skincare routine, I already implemented it a few weeks ago and I have to say that it got me immediately. Today I will be talking about a Missha Super Aqua Oil Clear toner which is a bit expensive for me, but at least it´s provided in a 180 ml packaging. It also hides a lot of natural extracts in itself and it´s dedicated mostly to oily skin. I ordered it through Notino.

Beauty Tips | Multipurpose products

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HOLIKA HOLIKA Naked Face rozjasňujúci púder

Pekný piatok želám ~ Ideí na články mám veľmi veľa, ale času na ich realizáciu až tak nie. Preto som sa rozhodla prísť s témou, ktorá mi je naozaj blízka a o ktorej sa mi bude písať jedna radosť. Respektíve jej napísanie by mi nezabralo tak veľa času. Dnes by som sa s vami rada podelila o pár tipov, ako inak využiť kozmetické produkty, ktoré sú poväčšine súčasťou našej každodennej mejkapovej rutiny. Väčšinu týchto produktov tiež nájdete dostupnú na e-shope Notino.skPríjemné čítanie ~

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ I have so many ideas to write the articles about but I don´t have so much time I wish I had. That´s why I decided to make a new article about something what is really close to me and also something what won´t take me so much time to write it. Today I would like to share with you guys a few tips how to use the makeup products which primal function is something else. Most of the products which I will mention from now on are available on Notino. Enjoy reading ~

Pure White Sweaters

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White Sweaters Zaful

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ White is such a pretty colour - it cannot just bright your face but it can also bright your whole day. It´s also pretty elegant, soft and it symbolizes things such as pureness and new beginnings. On Zaful, there are available so many white sweaters! Personally, I can´t imagine autumn without the "special" things which are associated with this season. At least for me. Those things are for example tea, burning candles, fresh cold breeze, colourful leaves, warm cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks etc. Warm knitted sweaters are an inseparable part of autumn and cold days in general. What about you? Do you like wearing them too? :)