January 28, 2016

Blogging tips | 50 ideas to make a blog post about

Blog de la Licorne

1. Do you have any new cosmetics? Why did not you write something about it? :)
2. Did take your interest some blogs? Summarized them.
3. If you have an Instagram, make a post about last month´s photos.
4. Make a week photo diary post.
5. Do you work-out? Show us your workout plan!
6. Do you have some new clothes? Make a post or a video about them and show us your favourite shops!
7. Write about your hobbies.
8. Did you buy a new wonderful book? Let us know about it.
9. If you were somewhere, for example on some trip, make a blog post with your impressions & photos, which you took there.
10. Make a wishlist with "must-have" things.