17. augusta 2020

Newchic 6th Anniversary Sale 2020

*   s p o n s o r e d   a r t i c l e

Newchic Men´s henley & floral shirts

Hello my lovely little licornes ~

Can you believe, that Newchic is already celebrating its 6th birthday? I still feel like it was only yesterday when I found out this e-shop even does exists! Newchic was also one of the very first foreign fashion e-shops that I had an opportunity to collaborate with so for me it is kind of more personal.

Time surely flows fast and since the anniversary is a huge thing for Newchic too, they prepared for you a lot of activities and huge sales to celebrate Newchic 6th Anniversary Sale 2020 together with them.

Pre-sale →17th - 24th of August
Crazy Shopping → 24th - 31st of August
Thank and Reward → 31st of August - 7th of September

Coupons that will be available to claim ↓

* 20% OFF Coupon ✓
* 25% OFF order over 65$ US ✓
* Lucky Draw ✓ 
* 500$ US Coupons    
* 5,000 Points   
* 5,000$ US of Prizes Down To 6.99$ US ✓
* Starting at 0.99$ US ✓

Men´s henley & floral shirts ↓

To be honest, when I first heard of the henley collar shirt, I was quite surprised, because I wasn´t sure what this kind of shirt was. I even searched for a proper explanation, what henley shirts actually are. In the end, it is a casual kind of shirt that has a scoop neck and a short row of buttons in front.

The problem was, that the word "henley" can´t be even directly translated into the Slovak language since there is no such a word. I hadn´t had an idea there is a special name for this kind of cotton henley shirt, haha.

On both collages above you can see my henley collar shirt selections. If combined with denim jeans or linen pants, the outfit can not only look comfortable but elegant and manly too. This kind of shirt gives off that precise luxurious-like vibes around a man wearing them.

Newchic Men´s henley & floral shirts

The shirts you can see on an image above are my picks from the designer summer shirts collection. The material seems to be a more high-quality one so the pattern does. I am truly fond of the floral pattern.

Men's floral shirts just remind me of hot and humid summer days. Also, colour or pattern block design is an interesting one to wear too. It will surely catch attention.