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modes4u Kawaii Japanese Stationery Review

Hello, my lovely little licornes ~

It has already been a few weeks since I ordered cute Japanese stationery from an e-shop called Modes4U. After a long time, I had found an interesting collaboration offer among my e-mails and I had grabbed the opportunity as soon as I could! I have always loved adorable stuff be it anything and everything. And who would not love to take notes every day with a proper dose of cuteness, right? It even makes me somehow more motivated to do a certain thing - be it connected to studying, work or anything else.

Approximate delivery time of the goodies is from 1 to 3 weeks. Of course, it depends on your location and stock availability. On Modes4U, you can shop by categories, favourite kawaii characters or brands available there. Free worldwide shipping is granted for orders worth over 60€.

For those who are interested in adorable stationery just like me, on Modes4U, there can be found interesting decorative tapes (washi), adorable erasers, document folders, hand-written letter sets, various memo pads, pencil cases, pens and pencils, postcards, rulers, stamps and stickers. Except for the stationery items, there can be found also different types and kinds of fabric, squishy toys and pendants, capsule toys (from Japanese Gacha machines) and other decorative figurines.

* items sent for review purposes

modes4u Kawaii Japanese Stationery Review

I am also very soft to the Japanese packaging. They make everything looking just sooo adorable and I can´t handle it in many cases, haha. Most of the time I am only staring at the packaging itself since I do not want to damage it at all. I try to take as many photos as I can to make a long-lasting memory of it. And since the spring is still not here yet, I had decided to order the things that will bring early spring vibes to me sooner.

Cherry Blossom Lunch Bag for Bento Boxes and Bottles review

The first item that caught my eyes is a Cherry Blossom Lunch Bag for Bento Boxes and Bottles. Have you ever seen those pretty fancy lunch bags for Japanese bento boxes? Be it in the anime, dramas or anything else, I have always longed to have one precisely like that. I already have a few bento boxes at home and since I usually bring my own food to work (and to uni too when I still had been there), this bag is truly handy.

It is pretty convenient if you are wearing a smaller bag/backpack to work and you do not want to over-weight it with your food. It may look a bit tiny, but it´s actually not! I can fit there things such as boiled eggs, a yoghurt, a piece of tortilla, a banana, mozzarella and even more. But I don´t plan to carry a water bottle inside since it´s a bit delicate for that I think. Also, when the spring actually arrives, I plan to wear it as a normal handbag with some lovely dress.

Molang Rabbit Pink 8-colour Ballpoint Pen review

Molang Rabbit Pink 8-colour Ballpoint Pen is a memory from my childhood. I don´t know about you, but when I was little, the thick multi colour pens like this one were pretty popular back in those times. I had had many of them and the more you had, the more famous you had been, hehe. I like the variety of them - the only one pen is enough to carry with yourself so you will also save some more space in your bag! Taking boring dark blue/black notes at school or work is past now :-)

Mt Washi Decor Tape with Colourful Flowers review

Washi tapes are something I use as a separator in various of my notebooks. This time I chose Mt Washi Decor Tape with Colourful Flowers since it has a lovely meadow flowers pattern on itself. It is pretty thick and colourful, yet it reminds me of the oil paintings ♥ It seems a bit vintage-like to me and that is also why I decided to order especially this one. On the photo below you can see a detail of the Cherry Blossom Lunch Bag I mentioned earlier. I just love its sakura design and a zip closing which is truly convenient!

Pink Macaron Eraser French Pastry Iwako Dango Mochi Eraser review

Pink Macaron Eraser French Pastry and Iwako Dango Mochi Eraser are tiny but cute erasers which looks completely like true sweets! It is a pity that they do not smell sweet but, on the other side, it´s also good since I would not be able to resist taking a bite of them, haha. I am for 100% sure that I will not use them as erasers, or at least not that soon. I plan to keep them as a decoration for the photos or just a lovely decoration to look at :-)

Mind Wave Sakura Flower Gold Metallic Stickers review

The last item in the box were these Mind Wave Sakura Flower Gold Metallic Stickers which I can´t wait to already use ♥ I love everything connected to spring - it is my the most favourite season of the year. I´ve always loved sakura themed things as well - they are pink and lovely - what else to wish for? ♥ It is just a pity that it is not so common to find sakura-themed items here as well.

What do you think of this order? Do you like cute stationery? Are you fond of the Japanese "kawaii" concept? :3