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Yellow Fashion Side Tie Flower Print One Piece Swimsuit

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ It has been already quite a time since I wrote the last article but to be honest, I seriously needed some serious time off with the blogging, taking to photos, writing the reviews and writing in general. I was focused on work much more as well and I wanted to fulfil some of the plans I had been thinking of for a longer time. Unfortunately, our family does not undergo any of the great times, so I had to postpone the plans I had had. Also, I will be having the second part of my Bachelor exams at the end of August too, so I have to start to study again soon.

Today I will be talking about the two new summer pieces of clothing I received from the DropShip Clothes for a review purposes. I would also like to thank this site for sending them to me ♥ Both pieces of clothing were chosen by me in a quite an atypical colour - at least for me since I do not like and own anything in this bright yellow at all. But I realized it is a great way how to change something and decided to try this colour. Of course, it does not flatter me that much since I am a seriously pale person and I do loathe to tan a lot, but on the other hand, I personally like the items I had picked.

* provided for a review

Yellow Fashion Side-Tie Flower Print One Piece Swimsuit

The first item that I will be talking about is a Yellow Fashion Side-Tie Flower Print One Piece Swimsuit. If you are following me on Instagram, you could have already seen me in it! The material is very light yet very firm, it is a casual swimwear material. The swimwear will create a nice figure of your body and if you are not brave enough, you can hide your muffin belly just as me, hehe ♥

I chose the S size (US 4 - 6). But I do have to say that I like my little muffin top being there :-D  Design of the vivid yellow swimwear and its pattern seem totally adorable to me. If you have still been looking for a new piece of the swimwear, I truly do recommend to browse the DropShip Clothes e-shop.

Yellow Fashion Side-Tie Flower Print One Piece Swimsuit

Yellow Fashion Side Tie Flower Print One Piece Swimsuit Yellow Fashion Side Tie Flower Print One Piece Swimsuit

Yellow Prague Summer Dress

The second summer-related clothing item is a Yellow Prague Dress and I must say that I kind of like its name. I chose it in the same size - S (US 4 - 6) and I do confirm that its material is even lighter! While having it put on your body, I do swear, I almost do not feel it at all! This dress is seriously like a light cloud on a body or something!

Its pattern is composed of the bright yellow and white stripes, it does have a deeper V-neck line (that I personally do not like almost at all) and it also comes with a leather belt in the same colours and pattern as the dress. It is a long midi dress with an A-line skirt, which I adore a lot! It has a button line in the front as well. Another thing I do not like very much about it is, that the material tends to crumple a lot :-( On the other way, I can´t be mad on this dress since it looks just perfectly vintage

Yellow Prague Summer Dress

Yellow Prague Summer Dress

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