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Chic Long Sleeve Hit Color Crop Top For Women
Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Today I am back with an order I had made through an e-shop called Dresslily a few weeks ago. Actually, the process of delivery took almost two months since two items had not been delivered to me in the first package. Due to these circumstances, I had to contact them to send me the last two ones again. But, thankfully, after a month and something, everything finally came without any damage. What actually surprised me in a very good way was the fact, that I did not have to go to the Post Office - stuff was delivered directly to my home which I am truly thankful of ♥

* provided for a review

Chic Stretchy Color Block Briefs For Women
The first item you can actually see on the photo is a Chic Long Sleeve Hit Color Crop Top For Women and a Chic Stretchy Color Block Briefs For Women. I seriously like that vivid pink-white and vivid pink-neon blue contrast. It´s so summer-like, don´t you think? This colour combination actually reminds me of the tutti-frutti flavoured ice-cream, yum <3 Both items were taken in the S size. I am planning to wear that crop top only at home or for some photography purposes. Both items are very comfortable and made from the light and breathable material. Also, to me, it gives off the slight otaku/nerdy vibes. In a good way, of course, <3

Endearing Striped Halter One-Piece Swimwear For Women

Endearing Striped Halter One-Piece Swimwear For Women was the third item included in the package. I do not really like the striped pattern, but to be honest, in this case of the light peachy colour, I do not mind it at all. Another good thing about this one-piece swimwear is the halter-type tieing behind the neck. Size S is just like made for me - it is not too small nor too long - just perfect!

Endearing Striped Halter One-Piece Swimwear For Women

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These gothic Bell Cuff Arm Sleeves in a bright purple and black combination had been on my wishlist for a few months already. Maybe even a year and something. I had always planned to order them for my friend, M*, since she truly loves things like that and since they give off the gothic vibes a lot, I had to ordered them finally! I can´t wait for M* to see them <3 They are very light, comfortable to wear and even adjustable!

Bell Cuff Arm Sleeves Bell Cuff Arm Sleeves

Next items are chokers! I have always loved this type of necklace more than the ordinary and classic ones. I chose completely three types → Lace Flower Design Choker Necklace (for M*), two pieces in a pastel violet colour of Geometric Cloth Choker Necklace (for me and M*) and Adjustable Wide Velour Choker Necklace (also for M*). Even if I like them a lot, I do not wear them very often so I decided to surprise my friend with the arm cuffs and these chokers too.

Adjustable Wide Velour Choker Necklace Lace Flower Design Choker Necklace

Hooded Drawstring Camo Parka
One of the last items is this Hooded Drawstring Camo Parka, which is ordered totally on impulse. First of all, it is not my cup of tea, I do not really like camo pattern that much, but to be honest, I somehow like this jacket. Maybe it´s also because of that light pink fluff around the hoodie, haha. I really like the fact that it is a seriously warm jacket suitable for the winter too ♥ I am glad I took it for the sale price!

Usually, I wear XS-S size of clothing, but this time I made an exception - the jacket is actually in a size L. I thought that when I take the bigger number, it will also be longer and look more oversize, but I do think it´s more like M or somewhere between the M and L. I would like it to be a bit longer, but nevermind. I still like it and can´t wait to wear it outside ♥

Hooded Drawstring Camo Parka

Use a coupon code "DLGO20" for a 20% discount!
$6 off over 30, $10 off over $50, $16 off over $80, $20 off over $100, $30 off over $150, $40 off over $200, $60 off over $300

Side Bang Straight Long Cosplay Synthetic WigLast two items of the package were synthetic wigs - Side Bang Straight Long Cosplay Synthetic Wig in two different colours/shades. One of them was the white/silver one, which you could have already seen on this blog. I used it for the kitsune makeup inspiration I published a few days ago. The second one is in a light brown colour and I do plan to use it for the FINAL D.Va makeup inspiration. Up until now, I haven´t done anything to my hair, so I was something like a black-haired D.Va, haha.
Side Bang Straight Long Cosplay Synthetic WigBoth of the wigs have a very long fringe which you will need to trim a lot. But it is nothing bad, it is actually good because you can adjust it to your face shape. It also has light side bangs, so it looks more natural. The cape is okay - the wig does not fall off. Very long hair is easy to brush, but it also tends to tangle a lot. But I do have to say, that you can feel it is a cheap wig. The hair tends to fall out even when you do not brush the wig and it also does not have much hair on the cape. You can actually see some empty places what is not very good :( But, on the other hand, if you would like to use the wig as me - only for the makeup inspiration at home, it is good. Unfortunately, in my case, I had to throw it out. I could have not brushed it properly after using it for the Kitsune makeup inspiration and I could have not styled the fringe and bangs normally. I do think there is a problem in how the "hair" is actually tied to the cape. And you can´t do much about this. But still - I am happy that I made at least one makeup inspiration in it :-)

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