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Hello my lovely little licornes ~ How are you doing? I am doing just great, patiently counting down the last few days left before the real holiday atmosphere. I even set my christmas tree already - it was on the last day of November when I decided to clean and tidy up my room properly. You would not believe how many stuff I actually threw away!

I told myself, that I just can´t continue with buying and storing unnecessary things which I will not use anymore. This year is special since I was given a new christmas tree by my parents. It is completely white and I just can´t take my eyes off of it. It is so pretty and looks very magical since it´s a bit unusual. I will post the photos of it later, I promise! But back to the main point!

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Since the Christmas is pretty much close, I decided to post a last-minute Christmas gift guide for those of you, who still can´t come up with any ideas of the christmas presents for your family members or friends. Most of the mentioned items are universal and can be bought for the both groups of people, even for women and men. You can find them on Rosegal. I hope that this article inspires you at least a bit and that it will help you with deciding what to actually buy :) Let´s dig into it!

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Christmas Pyjamas Rosegal

1. Christmas pyjama sets for the whole family
Well, who would not like to fall asleep with a bit of christmas feeling on themselves, right? If it comes to me, the answer is definitely yes! Even yesterday, I went to the shopping centre with my friend who wanted to buy the themed pyjamas for herself exactly for this feeling.

Cat Ears Headphones Rosegal

2. For those who can´t live without the music
Or for those who would like to own a pair of the cat ears headphones. Ehm, yes - I am one of those people too. And what is the best on them is also the fact that they also contain the light! These headphones will be also a great gift for the gamers!

Anime Action Figures Rosegal

3. For the hardcore otakus
Since I have been otaku myself, for almost the whole of my life, I can´t forget to mention the gifts which would please the people like us. Of course, it depends on a certain person and the anime/manga, which they actually like. If you do not know about any favourites, I highly recommend to simply ask.

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Christmas Sweaters Rosegal

4 Christmas sweaters
Do not worry, I am not talking about those ugly ones, haha. I am talking about those on fleek!

Christmas Decoration Rosegal

Christmas Bed Sets Sheets Rosegal

5. Home decor
There will still be people who tell that they can´t have enough holiday decoration. If this is the case, you know what to buy! The same goes for the bed sets and sheets. It is a wonderful gift for the home.

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    Oh my goodness, everything looks fabulous. I absolutely LOVE those holiday sweaters.


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