4 Stylish Must-Haves You Should Wear This Autumn

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ It is seriously unbelievable that it has already been a few months since I published the last article which was somehow connected to fashion. Lately, since I am dealing with a university and my bachelor thesis, I do not have much time for blogging as much as I had used to have in the past. That is also why the articles haven´t been published periodically. But since I love autumn and everything, which is connected with this season of the year, I decided to publish a few trendy and stylish items which you should wear this autumn. What are your favourite items to wear during this pretty season? Let me know in the comments :)

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1. Immortal leopard print
There will probably not be the season when animal print would not be actual. The animal prints are a favourite way how to refresh your outfit and matching them together can be huge fun too!

2. Tweed is the way
Personally, I just love tweed and everything which is made out of it. I find it very elegant and sophisticated and I just can´t imagine an autumn without this kind of a material. Especially when it´s in the pink colour ♥ For me, the tweed dresses and bags are the best!

All of the mentioned items are available on Rosegal.

3. Gloss, shine, glitter, sparkle
Another thing which I just can´t get enough is everything sparkling, shiny and everything which contains glitters etc. Bling-bling effect is like a magnet for me. Recently, glitter clothing has also become more and more popular.

4. Warm and cosy
The most important thing for me during the autumn is not being stylish. Not at all. For me, a person who feels cold almost 24/7, is very important to keep myself warm. Not only outside, but also inside. Sometimes, it can be a bit unpleasant and anxious, but you will get used to it anyway. Faux fur coats are definitely a must!

Leopard pattern Rosegal


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    I am such a huge fan of leopard print! Love this :)


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