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Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Today, the 20th of October, is my birthday. Today I officially unlocked level number 22 and since I wanted to share another a bit more personal article, I decided to write down the 22 random facts about me. Yesterday I also changed the blog´s layout and I used another illustration created by me. To be honest, I am not satisfied with this template for 100%, but I will try to fix it as soon as possible so I will like it more :) Enjoy ~

1. My natural hair colour is dark brown
2. My eyes are green with the hazelnut fragments, but sometimes they look like the golden ones
3. I´ve always wanted to pilot a fighter and drive a tank
4. I really like marzipan stuff
5. My voice is squeaky and a high-pitched one

6. I tend to forget to close the beauty products (xD)
7. I would classify myself as an existentialist, nihilist, determinist and fatalist
8. I believe in an afterlife
9. I am a very straight-forwarded person (like seriously, seriously one)
10. I am afraid of the bees and bumblebees

11. From time to time, a chronophobia likes to sit on me (._.)
12. I really do love to have a system and routine in everything, I also like to plan a lot
13. I always take the tiny packages with sugar from the cafes (I don´t put a sugar into coffee, but since I paid for it, why not take it home, right?)
14. I do not use wi-fi on my mobile almost at all
15. I always turn off the router in the evening when I am going to sleep

16. I could eat avocado maki & croissants all day and all night
17. The only jeans which fit me perfectly are the Asian ones
18. Creating the lists, rewriting random stuff, creating articles with various tips - those are my things ♥
19. I am obsessed with taking the pictures even if most of them aren´t published anywhere
20. The top lifestyle blogger for me is definitely Elizabeth Lore

21. Gingerbreads are my the most favourite cookies
22. Christmas is my probably the most favourite fete during the whole year - I just love snow, the atmosphere, the fresh scent of needles, gingerbread, the Christmas decor and a tree ..

Do we have anything in common? :)

LG K8 Silicon Cupcake Phone Case

LG K8 Silicon Cupcake Phone Case *

Cute Harajuku Sequins Unicorn Pencil Case

* Cute Harajuku Sequins Unicorn Pencil Case *

* Bentoy Sequins Coin Purse *

Blog de la Licorne

Aliexpress Devil Horns Hairpins

* Halloween Party Cute Demon Horns *

Aliexpress Devil Horns Hairpins

Bioderma Sensibio H2O micelárna voda

My the most favourite micellar water ♥

Jelly pizza

Jelly pizza.

Himouto Umaru-chan nendoroid aliexpress

Umaru-chan from Himouto Umaru-chan ♥ I ordered this one from Aliexpress too.

Blog de la Licorne

Recently, I started to drink smoothies more often. This is my favourite combination.

Pandora moments náramok

Pandora moments náramok

The B-day gift from my beloved M*. Thank you so so much ♥

Pandora moments náramok

Pandora moments náramok

Blog de la Licorne

These lovely things were given to me by R* ♥

Blog de la Licorne

Blog de la Licorne


  1. Really interesting my dear

  2. Paullinss13:05

    Nice post dear! I like smoothies!

    xoxo ♥
    One Masked Girl

  3. Shannon Boyce01:05

    This is such a wonderful post! I love taking pictures as well. Most of them aren't published but it is nice to have and to look back on!

  4. >13 - sugar packets, yep always do that when they have brown sugar
    >22 - gingerbread, perfect for all 3 meals and as snack between those

    Also, I know that Umaru is cute and stuff, but her personality is quite terrible. But still Fejwsi likes her too, so I try to not to be negative about Umaru

  5. All day gingerbreads, yes! :D That´s is what are Christmas holidays for, haha ♥


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