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5 reasons to get a lace front wig

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Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Hope that all of you are doing at least as great as I am ♥ Recently, I have become interested in buying and wearing wigs more than more. You may also notice that I already published a few articles on this topic. It is just that I have been discovering lots of new e-shops where you can buy them in the different colours, sizes, styles etc. One of them is called UniWigs. I am thinking about buying mostly the ordinary colourful ones since I do not feel like bleaching and damaging my hair more. Also, I just love my black hair colour and I do not want to change it at all. It would be very nice and it would make me seriously happy if I had, for example, pink or purple hair, but I do not feel like I would be satisfied with it as much as I have been with black for these past years.

The second kind of them which I would like to buy in the future are definitely synthetic wigs suitable for doing a cosplay. Since most of you may already know, I have always been in love with anime and manga and transforming into my favourite characters just feels awesome! It is a huge pleasure for me. The ones mentioned in the collage above, from the left to right, are  Silver Storm, Magnolia and Moon Nymph.

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With this said, let´s see what are the most common and popular pros of the lace front wigs.

1. Natural looking hairline ~ This is a key point when it comes to lace front ones. The natural looking invisible hairline is the main feature of them. Since it looks like the false hair is growing out of your own head, people won´t be able to tell whether it is your own hair or not. That is also why fashion wigs are so popular even among the celebrities.

2. Changing the colour and hairstyle anytime you want ~ Well, this does not only apply to this kind of them. This is the main feature of them all together. But well, I just had to mention it since it is a very important factor.

3. No harm or a serious damage to your hair ~ While wearing the wig, your hair is completely safe underneath!

UniWigs Fashion Wigs

4. It is more lightweight and more comfortable ~ If you have ever tried wearing the wigs in general, you surely felt it had been a bit heavier than your natural hair. Well, it is completely understandable since there are also the other components needed, but when we are talking about the lace front wigs, they tend to be more lightweight.

5. Long duration ~ If you take a proper care of it (cleaning, brushing, storage), you can use it even for a few years without any worry.


  1. Shannon Boyce22:01

    What a great post. These wigs look so so beautiful!

  2. I need a front lace week! They look so great with everything!

  3. Елена М19:26

    Fantastic post!
    Kisses :)


  4. Elena Toma20:54

    I like them all, they are so pretty !XOXO, Elena


  5. Nice picks)
    I like colorful hear ♥

  6. AAAAAA miluju!! ♥^♥ Letos jsem si ke dvacátým narozeninám koupila svojí první lacefrontku z uniwigs - Coco! ♥ A CHCI DALŠÍ XDDD :D Máš nějakou od nich? Mě akorát mrzí, že ji moc nenosím a ještě jsem musela řešit zdanění při převozu do ČR atd., což je blbé. Paruka je sama o sobě dost drahá a s poštovným a clem se to ještě víc prodraží, tak se to asi úplně nevyplatí, pokud to nenosíš aktivně, ale rozhodně mám stejný názor jako ty - mám ráda své vlasy a neobarvila bych si je. Ta úprava a péče je ale také drahá, takže ono vyjde praktičtěji si koupit tu paruku a mít možnost změnit ze dne na den styl, aniž by sis zničila svoje vlasy. Barvy, které vytváří, jsou úžasné a ta reálnost dneska taky, i když zblízka to poznáš vždycky, že to je paruka. Ale stejně jsem ráda, že můžu žít v této době, kde je taková možnost. :D Teď mít ještě víc peněz na to si dovolit aspoň dvě takové paruky. Většinou si kupuju na cosplay ty klasické z ali. :D



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