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Loafers for women

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Today I would like to share another inspiration with you. This time I will be talking about something slightly different again - about the shoes. To be concrete, about the loafers for women. There are not many articles on this topic on my blog, if any. It is simply because I am not really interested in them I would say. I am a simple human - I wear and put on everything that I love and I do not care about anyone else´s opinion. And nobody else should be minding me wearing something as well. In the end, it is my style, my taste, my life. The same thing goes to my blog. I will publish what I love and even if somebody does not sees anything in it, it definitely has some meaning for me.

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Black Loafers For Women

Most of the super-duper hot and stylish loafers can be worn from spring to autumn! I find this kind of shoes very elegant and even except for their - sometimes - manly look, I still find them very feminine, suitable for the women, who know what they want and how do they want to live. For the women, who have their own opinion and are independent from anybody.

My absolutely the most favourite ones which I would also like to buy are the black loafers for women. They are simple, elegant, easily-matched with everything and can be worn in the many different styles. From the red loafers for women, my picks are definitely these underneath the text. The most feminine and passionate, are definitely those in the middle which I fell in love with the second I saw them.

Red Loafers For Women


  1. I love this type of shoes and I don't own any pair! I really loved the third black pair :)
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  2. Dress Suzhou05:43

    love your style

  3. Amazing post :) I like third shoes.
    Have a great day!
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  4. Елена М12:12

    Fantastic post!
    Kisses :)

  5. Katarina13:12

    Wonderful shoes. I love all of them.

    Kathy's delight

  6. Neither do I! And I want them so bad ♥

  7. Shannon Boyce21:05

    These are all so so cute! Love!

  8. Maria Nechepurenko21:33

    Excellent selection!

  9. Those shoes are so pretty! The last black ones are perfect!


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