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Fruit Pattern Swimwear Rosegal

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Do you like to eat a fruit? I just love it! I can´t imagine my day without eating at least one piece of this delicious kind of food. Especially when I feel an urge to eat something sweet and non-healthy. My the most favourite one is definitely a banana, blueberries and strawberries ♥ Any kind of fruit can be a very healthy and delicious supplement for that. It does contain a lot of water, vitamins, minerals and other stuff which is very helpful towards our body. Consuming fruit can be a good way to cool and refresh the organism too.

And what about the fruit on the clothes? Do you like it? Personally, I have to admit that juicy patterns are somehow interesting and cute. They just remind me of the fresh, peaceful, hot, summer days full of the adventures and new experiences which are waiting just for you. A fruity pattern I like the most would be probably banana, strawberry and lemon one. On Rosegal, there are many pieces to choose from. What about you? Do you like wearing this type of clothing? What is your favourite pattern to wear on the clothes during the summer? :)

Pineapple Pattern Rosegal

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Fruit Pattern Rosegal

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  1. Lovely inspiration! All of the clothes are super cute, but my favourite is the pinapple bag :)

    xoxo honey,
    Melania |

  2. Monika Gawron23:17

    Very nice inspirations:* Regards!


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