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Hello my lovely little licornes ~ After a few weeks I am publishing an article about Zaful clothing again. I just can´t help myself, but this online shop is my the most favourite one with a lot of fashionable and trendy clothing. And since we have almost summer here, in Slovakia, thanks to the temperatures over 28°C, I decided to publish a wishlist dedicated to summer. Zaful is already selling a huge amount of summer trendy clothing and every single day they upload more and more new stuff to pick from. It´s so hard to choose only a few because every single one of them is just perfect and you would like to wear them all!

Zaful Trendy Summer Dresses

During the spring and summer I personally just love to wear pretty cute dresses as much as lovely rompers. This way you don´t have to think about matching the items together, because mostly you wear only the two or three of them. And during the super-warm and humid days, I can´t stand feeling hot and sweaty. That´s why I prefer to wear as light clothing as possible. My summer motto could be - the less, the better!

Zaful Bikini Promotion

Bikinis promotion is surely a very hot category now since a lot of people just love to swim or getting tan. Right swimwear and bikini can make your body look better, fitter and sexier! That´s why you should pay some effort when choosing them. Personally, I just love floral or plant pattern. It reminds me of nature and I think they suit everyone in every single shape.

And don´t forget about the Mother´s Day Sale!

Zaful Mother´s Day Sale
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  1. Shannon Boyce20:59

    These pieces look so beautiful! Great picks :)

  2. Lemon print looks so cute and pretty ! I bet it will look good on you <3


  3. Mahi Chaurasia23:28

    great post


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