3 reasons why are straw bags a summer must-have

Hello my lovely little licornes! ~ In today´s article I would like to just share a few tips or rather said reasons with you. This article´s topic will be about the straw bags I found on Rosegal yesterday. These bags are really popular to wear nowadays. Especially when it is really warm and hot outside. Me, personally, I really like this kind of an accessory. And now I would like to tell you why as well :)

Straw bags Rosegal

1. They are easy to match with everything. Most of the straw bags are made in a beige, white or khaki shades. From time to time you can even see some of them in a black colour. But that is only a good thing. Since they mostly have a colour of the straw itself, they are easy to match with most of the clothing.

2. They will immediately bring a summer mood into your life. Personally, straw bags just evokes me a summer and hot sunny days. When I look at them, they just remind me of holidays, free days, doing nothing, relaxing etc. They also seem to be calming for some reason, haha.

3. They will be a perfect accessory. The straw bag is something that will surely catch people´s attention. It can also freshen your outfit and give it some feeling on a top. I am sure you know how did I mention it.

And if you do not feel like any straw bag to wear, you can browse the Rosegal promotion dresses which I can only recommend since I just love Rosegal's dresses. Especially the vintage ones ♥

What about you? Do you like wearing straw bags? :)


  1. Laura PS15:16

    They are really pretty!! i've seen them in lot of shops and i feel very tempted to buy one!!
    And you are right, they absolutely bring a summer mood!!
    i hope you have a nice day, i've started following your blog as well ^^ i attach the link to mine in case
    you want to check it out :) (or follow back, i'd really appreciate that <3)


  2. These are so cute! I need one. <3 I specially love number 5.
    The Fancy Cats | Japan Candy Box Giveaway

  3. Shannon Boyce23:59

    Oh my gosh, those bags are gorgeous. I am definitely wanting one like this for the summertime!

  4. Sarah Flandro12:56

    I don't have any straw bags but some of them are super cute with the right outfit. Definitely a very summery accessory!

    xo, Sarah

  5. Never really a string bag person as I keep my phone in my handbag so I'll be needing to keep on reaching into my bag frequently so I guess I'd prefer tote or shoulder bag.

    xx, Myra

  6. Thank you very much! I am following you too :)

  7. I like this type of bag:) I must buy something like this:)

    Buziaki kochana:*
    Zapraszam na pastelowy look na moim blogu :)


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