Let your wardrobe bloom

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ It has been such a long time since I got an opportunity to enjoy the sunny days like these which came along with a spring. I am so happy that I can spend much more time outside. I also don´t have to go home (from the university) during the dark anymore. I just love watching everything around me starting to bloom ♥ When there will be flowers and trees in a full bloom, I plan to take a looot of photos of them.

But since they are still awakening themselves, I wanted to bring spring into my wardrobe in a different way - by clothing and accessories connected to spring and already to summer too. That is also why I am publishing this clothing inspiration a.k.a. wishlist today ~ All of the mentioned items (and even more!) you can find on Zaful.com. I recommend shopping there because they get a lot new summer clothing (and not only summer one) almost every single day and there are some sales and big deals as well.

#spring #floral #flowers #pink #pastel #blossom #twopiece

Wrap Dandelion Skirt Two Piece Set * ~ because with two-piece outfits you don´t have to think about if the items are a good match or not
Flower Cami Crop Top * ~ because I like to wear them instead of a bra
Strapless Floral Knotted Bikini * ~ because floral pattern is my the most favourite one
* Cropped Floral Off Shoulder Top * ~ because long-sleeved crop tops are stylish!
Stripe Floral Print Belted Cami Romper * ~ because outfit can´t be picked easier!
4 Pieces Rose Faux Gem Rings * ~ because a cute accessory is always a win-win step


  1. I just love florals on any form of clothing,
    they bring out the dainty side of me.

    ❤ Ms. Kei

  2. Katarina12:53

    Lovely items. Perfect for the sunny days! :)

    Kathy's delight


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