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Hello my lovely licornes ~ I just can´t believe how many packages I have been receiving recently. A few days I got another package from the e-shop Zaful. I made this order only two weeks ago I guess so I was thinking I will receive this package maybe in the beginning of February. But guess what? It came after those two weeks! This is one of the fastest packages which have even come to me. I swear! In the end I have to say I am really happy it took only a short time to be delivered. Today I would like to show you my Valentine´s day order I made. Curious? Read the whole article :)

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The first item I will be showing you are these super-duper adorable pairs of earrings. I ordered Heart Shape And Furry Ball Stud Drop Earrings in a white and grey colour. White ones have pink hearts above, grey ones have them in red. Both of them are studs but they are a bit longer which I just love. Recently I have been wearing only long earrings which are very visible and unordinary. And these are just perfect for the Valentine´s day!

Heart Shape And Furry Ball Stud Drop Earrings

The main item of this order is definitely a Half Button Mini Checked Dress in a red wine colour and S size. Checked pattern should be fashionable this year and red wine is just perfect anytime. Dress is made of a bit thicker material and it reminds me a bit of a sack, haha. But in a good way, of course! Material is very light, comfortable to wear and very soft and fine to touch. You can tie the ends of the sleeves in the cute bows too. In the front there are two buttons and a zip closing behind. The only thing I lack in this case is some belt or anything to tie it a bit in the middle because this way it looks seriously like a big sack on me, haha.

Half Button Mini Checked Dress

It is time for another accessory - Bowknot Bucket Chain Crossbody Bag in a pink colour which reminds me of another velvet item I have in my collection ♥ It is a middle-sized shiny bag which is spacious a lot. In the front there is a big black ribbon you can tie into a bow. Golden metal chain makes it look more elegant too. Closing is composed only of the two golden metal buttons. That´s what I don´t like very much about this bag. But in the end I´m satisfied because it´s still something new in my bag collection.

Bowknot Bucket Chain Crossbody Bag

Bowknot Bucket Chain Crossbody Bag

The second accessory are Oval UV Protection Sunglasses in a deep pink colour. Oh my gosh! You can´t even imagine how nervous I was while I was picking them and adding them into my backet. Even on the picture, they looked very pretty but I wasn´t sure about the one thing - if they are a mirrored one. And thanks God, they ARE! I am sooo glad I purchased them in the end. I just love mirrored glasses. No one can actually tell where I look right? And that´s the best! These ones are also a good quality ones - I´m seriously surprised.

Use coupon code "ZFNancy" and save money!

Oval UV Protection Sunglasses

Oval UV Protection Sunglasses

And we have here another dress - Polka Dot Cami Summer Dress in a red colour and S size. They look so retro and I just love retro, pin-up and vintage style! This polka dot dress is just perfect for the hot summer days - it´s seriously light that you don´t even feel it while wearing it. On the other side I think it´s also good for the colder days because you can freely combine it with another items such as sweaters, jumpers, leggings etc.

Polka Dot Cami Summer Dress Polka Dot Cami Summer Dress

And the last item is a Vintage Bows Velvet Elastic Hair Band in a dark red colour. Yeah yeah,I know, another velvet item in my collection ♥ But this one is very cute and practical too! I don´t like my hair falling into my face when I do something. It´s a good help while doing your makeup or cleansing your face as well. It´s a multi purpose product I would say. You can see my elastic hair band on the photo below.

Vintage Bows Velvet Elastic Hair Band


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