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Hello my lovely little licornes ~ I am so happy and excited while writing this article. Today, I would like to share with you the newest items I received in the latest order I made through Rosegal. There were included completely seven items among which are three main ones connected to unicorn theme. As you may know, I just love unicorns and stuff connected to them. After all, blog de la licorne means unicorn´s blog or blog of the unicorn. Well, I don´t want to waste time with talking so I will show them to you right away ♥ Curious to see? Continue the article :)

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First of all, I would like to show you two kinds of makeup sponges I got. First of them is a 8Pcs Portable Powder Puff Set which I ordered in a nice dark blue colour. They´re very fine and soft and spreading foundation with them is really precise. In the box, there is seven of themm not eight, but I don´t mind.

8Pcs Portable Powder Puff Set

The second ones are SIXPLUS 2Pcs Dry Flower Embellished Silicone Makeup Sponges. I already have these in the purple colour and since I just love spreading foundation with them, I wanted to buy more of these. If you like silicon sponges too, these ones may suit you too. And look at those lovely flowers in the middle ♥

SIXPLUS 2Pcs Dry Flower Embellished Silicone Makeup Sponges

And now it slowly begins. On the photos below you can see two unicorn LED lamps in a white and pink colour. The BRELONG 3D Unicorn White Decoration Night Light has a shape of the unicorn´s body with nine tiny light bulbs. The BRELONG 3V 10LEDs Pink Unicorn Head Night Light has a shape of a unicorn´s head and I guess it´s a bit bigger. There are ten tiny light bulbs. Both of them are made of a really light plastic. To turn them on, you will need two normal-sized batteries for each other. I have to say that both of them are really pretty. It´s a great decoration to my room.

BRELONG 3D Unicorn White Decoration Night Light

BRELONG 3V 10LEDs Pink Unicorn Head Night Light

Even this order included a pair of earrings. In this case I ordered Heart and Little Furball Stud Drop Earrings which are a combination of three colours - old pink, light grey and beige. They are composed of three parts - first one are the heart earrings which are the studs. Second one are the light grey balls together with the beige ones. And the third is that thing you put in the end of each other so they won´t fall off. Aren´t they just adorable? Also perfect for the Valentine´s day

Heart and Little Furball Stud Drop Earrings

After a longer time I ordered an underwear again - Front Closure Lace Bra Set in a lovely wine red colour. So feminine, so elegant, so sexy. I just love a lace applique. In the middle of the bra there is a tiny bow and below it, there is a closing. It´s that kind of bra which has a closing in the front. I don´t mind this fact at all because it´s a seriously strong closing so it won´t undo itself easily.

I ordered this set in S size and it´s just perfect. But I would say it´s something like XS, which is the size I actually wear. In case you are the S size, I would buy it in the bigger one - just to be sure. Panties were a bit tight even for me so I stretched them a few times and they fit me very well now. For its price it´s a really good quality set of the underwear.

Front Closure Lace Bra Set

And the last, the mainest main item among the all mainest items (xD) is a Unicorn Matching Family Christmas Onesie Pajamas. For the first time, I saw these pyjamas three or four months ago I guess. I wanted them since then, but every single time I found another item which I ordered instead of them. But this time I said no to the others and finally get them for myself. I chose them in a size Mom M because I wanted them to be a bit bigger and more comfortable to wear at home ♥ I also love the combination of the pretty soft white and pink colour. Except the ears, horn, eyes and the hair, it also has a tiny tail behind. Pyjamas have a button closing. With them you don´t have to be afraid of cold winter days or nights bcause they will keep you warm whole time. And they are so light and soft to touch

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Unicorn Matching Family Christmas Onesie Pajamas


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