BerryLook Lovely Spring Dresses

BerryLook Lovely Spring Dresses

Hello everyone! ~ Hope you have been having a nice day today. It has been snowing here for a few days already and even I love snow, I would rather see it in December. Especially during the Christmas Eve. But since we have February already, I would like to welcome spring as soon as possible. I have been also slowly upgrading my wardrobe with spring themed items and clothing. I was browsing some fashion dresses online again. Recently, I also came across a new e-shop called BerryLook. There are so many wonderful and fashionable items to pick and buy. Especially woman´s dresses caught my attention. I am a woman who just love to wear them. Personally I think they look very charming, delicate and feminine. I enjoy wearing them during the warm days and I feel comfortable a lot in them.

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BerryLook Lovely Spring Dresses

Another reason why I am sharing these dresses and e-shop with you is the fact, that I love buying women's clothing online. I don´t usually buy clothes or any other items in the city. Online clothes are usually way more cheaper and shopping online is way more comfortable. I am not a lazy person or anything, I just don´t like going to packed stores and a lot of people there. Also, clothing there can be also tried many times by different people. That is why clothes are not the brand new ones too.

To me, spring is definitely connected with pastel or bright colours together with flowers. Flares, chiffon and other light materials too. I don´t know about you but I just can´t wait for it to already come ♥


  1. Love your selection dear! Have a great day! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  2. Soňa Lazoriková00:33

    Veľmi sa už teším na jar a leto, krásne kúsky. .)

    Pozývam teba aj tvoje čitateľky do veľkej Valentínskej súťaži na mojom blogu:

  3. Linda Pazderová00:33

    Krásné šaty. Miluji tenhle lehký a vzdušný design šatů. Moc pěkný článek :)

  4. Ja taktiež ♥ Ďakujem veľmi pekne :)

  5. Kiežby už konečne prišla ♥

  6. Thank you ♥
    Have a nice day as well ^^~


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