120$+ spent on Zaful

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ I still cannot believe that I had been allowed to spend 120$ on shopping on Zaful. Firstly I have to say that it was my another collaboration with this e-shop. I had posted four articles in December and I had made an order. But, unfortunatelly, our wonderful Customs took it from me again. Since a custom duty was quite high, I told them to send the package back and I contacted e-shop about what happened.

And again, they were so sweet and nice and allowed me to order another items for the same price ♥ Seriously - communication and collaborating with so nice and understanding people like these is just a pure bless. Other bloggers surely know what I´m talking about because all of us probably had at least one negative experience which wasn´t good at all. But enough of talking and let´s see what was included in the huge package!

* provided for a review

Before I start talking about every single item which was in the package, I would like to mention this Drop Shoulder Plain Drawstring Hoodie in a cameo colour and size S. This hoodie was a part of the first order and it must have been sent in a different package because it actually came normally by the Post Office. Okay, let´s shortly describe this clothing item. I really like it´s colour which seems to me like a bit old pink one.

I´m also happy about this sweatshirt having a hoodie because I don´t have many of these in my wardrobe actually. On the other side I have to say that I was a bit surprised, because this hoodie´s price was over 20 or 30 dollars then, and it´s made of a very thin and light material. It´s really comfortable to wear but it is not very warm.

Drop Shoulder Plain Drawstring Hoodie

Drop Shoulder Plain Drawstring Hoodie

Now we can go back to the article´s primal topic. I just could not make the order without choosing some bag and when I saw a Diagonal Lattice Chain Shoulder Bag, the choice was settled. I don´t know about you, but I just love this kind of quilted cross-body bags. You can also wear them on your elbow and it looks more fashionable. I chose it in a pretty elegant black colour with a nice and contrasting golden chain. Bag may seem to be a bit bigger, maybe like a middle sized-one, but actually it´s just a small bag. And that´s also what I am a bit dissapointed about.

From the pictures I saw I was expecting this bag to be at least a bit bigger. Nevermind, what should I do now, right? Well, since it looks fashionable and it´s a seriously very well made I do not mind it that much. Inside is completely covered in a red fake leather ♥ Two inside pockets are included - one with a zip and one without.

Diagonal Lattice Chain Shoulder Bag

Diagonal Lattice Chain Shoulder Bag

Diagonal Lattice Chain Shoulder Bag

Diagonal Lattice Chain Shoulder Bag

Let´s talk about some accessories now. I bought two red heart-shaped earrings and a lovely floral vintage-looking headbandFuzzy Valentine's Day Heart Stud Earrings I chose in a red colour. They´re small but adorable. Another ones are Velvet Heart Chain Earrings in a wine red which are a bit unusual - they aren´t stud-type ones. You just simply drag them through an ear hole.

Fuzzy Valentine's Day Heart Stud Earrings

Velvet Heart Chain Earrings

In a blackish green colour I chose a Vintage Flower Print Headband which I can´t wait to wear during the spring and summer months. There is a thin wire inside to shape it precisely. On the photo below you can also see a Ribbed Flounced Camisole in a white colour and size S. I intended to wear it as a bra during the spring and summer, but S size seems like M or even L on me (T_T). I will probably wear it only inside at home.

Vintage Flower Print Headband

See Through Cami Lace Teddy was ordered as the last item because I already didn´t know what to buy, haha. I had wanted to choose it in the white colour since it looked more pretty and way more elegant, but it had been already out of the stock. That is why I chose the black variation and I have to say that I made the right decision in the end. It´s S sized teddy and I have to say that it´s definitely XS or even smaller!

When I was putting it on on the first time I had to stretch it a bit because it seemed so tiny and tight! In case you plan to buy it for yourself, choose it in a one or even two sizes bigger! It´s made of a fine light lace so you don´t even feel like wearing something. Looks very sexy too. You don´t have to be afraid of cheap look :)

See Through Cami Lace Teddy

See Through Cami Lace Teddy

Just take a look at this Floral Patched Striped Cami Mini Dress. Isn´t it just pretty? I can´t wait for summer to come! I really like clothing with blue and white stripes and together with these red tiny flowers, they make a lovely cute combo. I ordered the dress in the size S. I think it is a bit big but ooonly a bit. I actually don´t mind since I don´t like to wear tight clothing during the warm sweaty days. Material of the dress is very light and breathable. Just perfect. It´s also long enough. In the back there is a zip closing. I already know for 100% that this dress will be my the most favourite one of the summer 2018 ♥ It is also ON SALE NOW so I would recommend to at least take a look at it :3

Floral Patched Striped Cami Mini Dress Floral Patched Striped Cami Mini Dress

And look at the second item. Cap Sleeve Wrap Graphic Mini Dress looks very similar to the first one. But there are some differences. First of all, this dress has the short sleeves on top. The second thing is that it´s made with a seriously deep V neckline which I am not very fond of. Well, I am not ashamed or embarassed or anything for having a small chest/boobs. Not every single woman needs and actually wants it/them. And I don´t mind having them small at all #lovemyboobies ♥ But what I actually mind is that V shape. This kind of dresses doesn´t look good on me so I need to sew it up a bit or wear something underneath instead. Well, I will decide later. Material is - again - very light, soft, breathable with a lovely floral pattern. Dress reminds me of vintage style.

Another thing which may be a bit priblematic is the fact that a fabric is shrinkable and creasing. You have to be very careful with putting it into your wardrobe if you don´t wanna iron it again every single time you would like to wear it. I recommend hang it up rather than fold it. And probably the last thing I am not very satisfied with is the fact, that when I was unboxing the package with this dress, I wasn´t sure what I actually received. Do you see those little strings? Well .. The dress is actually made like a REALLY wrap one. It reality it looks like a light tie-up cardigan or something .. But with wearing something underneath .. hmm .. I think I would give it a try and wear it at least once. We will see. But it looks very very pretty

Cap Sleeve Wrap Graphic Mini Dress Cap Sleeve Wrap Graphic Mini Dress

Recently I bought so many sweaters. But on the other side it is true that I needed a lot of them because I hadn´t had many of them in my wardrobe. I was just layering my clothes but I don´t like to do that anymore. I just can´t stand many layers on my body during the cold days. With warm and thick sweaters like these you do not have to be afraid of freezing. And what is the best - the only one layer (or with some top underneath) is just enough.

In this order, there were completely three sweaters. Two of them were the same, only in the different colours - pink & royal blue. Slit Oversized Turtleneck Sweaters are a seriously oversized ones. I was quite shocked because I wasn´t expecting them to be so big. But rather be bigger than tighter. They are very soft to touch. And I am very fond of the turtleneck

Slit Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

And the last item is Raglan Sleeve Chunky Turtleneck Sweater in a blackish green colour. Oh my god. This is definitely my the most favourite winter sweater I have in my collection. I just love this kind of a knitwear with a bit bigger holes. S size fits me perfectly and even this sweater is a bit oversized. But not that much as those above. Even it has the bigger holes, it is very warm and silky. Also the colour is just fine and it seems kind of vintage (old) like to me ♥

Raglan Sleeve Chunky Turtleneck Sweater


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