10 things you should do before sleeping

10 things you should do before sleeping
Hello my lovely little licornes ~ It has been a while since I posted some tips connected to health. And since I found this topic interesting and actual while browsing some items through Zaful, I decided to give it a try and write something. It has been three weeks already since I started a new summer semester. After a few weeks of holiday, I had to come back to my previous night routine. Proper sleep is very important for the right body functioning. But sleep isn´t the only thing you should be concerned about. That´s why I would like to share some tips which I incorporated into my night routine too and helps me a lot :)

Get your skincare done ~ Don´t forget to wipe off the make-up and clean your face properly. I like using micellar water and foam cleanser. Every second/third day I also use a gentle exfoliator. After that, I follow the other skincare steps in my routine. A good way to relax before going to bed is also using a sheet mask.

Brush your teeth ~ I don´t usually brush my teeth in the morning, I did it only before sleeping. I think it´s important to clean them from the all kind of foods and drinks you were eating during the day.

Set a schedule ~ Personally, I love creating next day´s schedule before sleeping. It´s a good way how to manage your time and be productive. With writing down the stuff I want to get done next days (or in the next few days) I won´t forget anything.

10 things you should do before sleeping

Get ready for the next day ~ When I have to wake up soon I usually prepare the stuff (clothes, food etc.) night before so I can save time in the morning.

Go to sleep between 10 p.m. - 2 a.m. ~ If you don´t know what this time means, it´s time when skin cells are regenerated and reproduced. During this period melatonin is working and cleans the skin. That´s why it´s important to sleep well and enough for the pretty and healthy skin.

Get a fresh air ~ Here in Slovakia, it´s currently a winter but it doesn´t stop me from opening my window before going to bed. Fresh air is very important for my body before resting and also the room´s temperature gets down a bit.

Don´t overheat your room ~ Even during the winter, I can´t overheat my room. I would rather put on more clothes than breathing the warm and dry air. Personally, I can´t fall asleep in the very warm room.

10 things you should do before sleeping

Prepare the water ~ During the night I tend to wake up a few times. Sometimes I will sleep until the morning, sometimes I won´t. When I wake up during the night I tend to be thirsty. But I´m still tired enough to go to the kitchen for a water so I always make sure it´s near my bed.

Turn off the electronic devices ~ Have you ever heard about an electrosmog? If not, I would recommend you to read something about it. Also, I can´t have anything (except my mobile which is far from my head) turned on. My body is just sensitive for the devices which are on.

Dark room ~ The light is very important too. Or to specify, no light.

Read a few pages ~ When I have a problem to fall asleep and I know I should have been sleeping already, I just grab a book or some magazine and start to read. This is one of the very fewer things which actually works for me. Even three pages are enough for my body to feel tired enough to fall asleep.

Exercise ~ Can´t sleep at night? Try exercising during the day so your body will need to rest and recharge the energy.

10 things you should do before sleeping

Put on some fancy pyjamas! ~ I don´t mind wearing old clothes as pyjamas, but hey, wouldn´t you feel better and more cultivated when you will use a different clothing for this activity? Since I was already browsing a clothing on Zaful, I was looking for some pyjamas too. You can see my picks below :)

Zaful pyjamas

Zaful pyjamas


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  6. Lovely tips. I hate sleeping in a warm room!

  7. Thank you! Have a lovely day too :)

  8. great tips. i like to get my outfit ready before i go to bed too. trying to decxde what to wear ususlly takes up so much time than I admit

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    Great tips, especially the water!
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