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Hello my lovely little licornes ~ It has been a few days already since I posted how one of my article got lost. This article will be a bit similar because even this  one which I ordered through Twinkledeals I made before Christmas. My purchase was divided into two small packages. One of them came completely fine, but one of them was caught at the Customs. Since the price was a bit high, I told them to send the package back and I informed the lady who I was communicating with about what happened.

She understood everything and offered me an opportunity, that I could order those two items from the second package again. Oh my I was so happy ♥ This way I would like to not only thank her for the whole order, but also for the second one which I could make again. Are you curious about the items? Continue reading :)

* provided for a review

The first item is a jewellery one - Faux Pearl Bows Ball Stud Earring Set which I ordered for P* for a Christmas. But since the exam and test season started, we haven´t been able to get in touch because we haven´t been attending school together. Nevermind, hope we can meet soon and exchange the gifts! Set is composed of the six pairs of earrings, which should be free of lead and nickel. They seem really pretty and cute. Hope she will like them too.

Faux Pearl Bows Ball Stud Earring Set

Another item ordered like a christmas present are these Coral Fleece Cartoon Deer Socks. They looked just so adorable that I could not leave them there. I think that cozy furry socks are ideal for the winter season. They are not only cute, but they will also keep you warm. I purchased them for my classmate and also a friend - A*. But as in the first case, we haven´t been able to met yet, but we are planning to do it soon.

Twinkledeals offers a worldwide free shipping!

Coral Fleece Cartoon Deer Socks

Just look at them! Aren´t they adorable? ♥

Coral Fleece Cartoon Deer Socks

The third item is a 200CM Christmas Decoration in a dark green with the white ends which imitate a snow. I really wanted and needed to order it because I was lacking this kind of decoration. Seriously. I wanted to upgrade my christmas garnish collection. I put it on my small wardrobe and created a bit snowy effect on it. It was really pretty and I just can´t understand why I didn´t take a picture of it before, ah. As many other garnish like this one, it´s made out of a plastic too.

200CM Christmas Decoration

Last two items I ordered were two pairs of black jeans. I would make this article sooner, but thanks to the fact, that the Customs took my package, I had to refuse and wait. Jeans were sent back but thanks to the nice lady I´ve been communicating with, I could order them again. And I´m really glad for that, because these jeans are just wonderful! Both of them are in a size S and they fit me just perfectly.

Fashion Elastic Black Pencil Jeans are ordinary black jeans. I really like the fact that they fit me so much - even their lenght is very good and normal for a person whose height is only 159 cm. They are a bit thicker and warmer, ideal for the colder days. The only thing I don´t like very much about them is that they catch every single piece of dust, which is visible a lot sometimes, haha. Material: 64.2%Cotton 22.5%Polyester 12.3%Spandex 1%Viscose.

Fashion Ankle Banded Pants Black are almost the similar, but they have a rubber band around the waist and around the ankles too. It makes them a bit more unordinary and interesting. Finally the jeans which are not the plain ones. Their lenght is perfect as well and these ones are a bit looser than those on the left. It makes them more comfortable to wear and I just love it! Material: 64.2 percent cotton, 12.3 percent viscose, 22.5 percent polyester, 1 percent spandex.

Fashion Elastic Black Pencil Jeans Female Fashion Ankle Banded Pants Black Female

What about you? Do you like Twinkledeals? Have you ever ordered anything from there? :)

Fashion Elastic Black Pencil Jeans Female

Fashion Ankle Banded Pants Black Female


  1. Viva La Vida23:18

    Amazing products! Great shopping dear! These pants look so good on you :)
    Have a lovely day! <3

    Lazy Saturdays

  2. Oh I'm glad all your orders got to you in the end! That's such a cute bag too, definitely my favourite of all the nice pieces you shared. :)

  3. Thank you very much you are nice ♥


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