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Hello my lovely little licornes ~ After a month and something I am back with another article connected to e-shop called Gamiss. There are already a few articles about this e-shop on this blog so if you are interested, go and check them out. Today I will be speaking about another order I made before Christmas. It was a beginning of December I guess so I thought that a package will come to me a few days before Christmas but well .. it didn´t. On the other side, nevermind - I´m just happy it arrived after all.

All of you, who buy different stuff online, you surely know those struggles connected to the package - what if something happen to it, what if the package get lost, what if the Customs take it etc. Buying stuff online is also a risk sometimes so you better think about it very thoroughly. But back to the point - I´m seriously glad that even this package arrived without any damage and that it contained everything I ordered. Ready to see the items? Continue the article :)

* provided for a review

Since the shipping on Gamiss is not free, I ordered only three things. The main of them was Velvet Off The Shoulder Mini Dress in a beautiful and sensual red wine colour. I wanted to wear this dress on Christmas Eve but since it hadn´t come up until then, I needed to figure out something else. Dress is seriously pretty and well-made. It looks very elegant and feminine. It´s also sewed very well. Sleeves are the 3/4 ones and in the middle of the dress, there is a rubber band which creates a nice body shape.

Material is very soft and fine to touch. It is not very thin but not very thick either. Something in the middle. I ordered it in a size S, as usual, and it fits me just perfectly. It is like made especially for me, haha. I really like the fact that I feel like a princess when I am wearing this dress. The length is pretty decent too. I do not like dresses which show off most of the body so I am really satisfied with this piece. There is not any petticoat underneath. Skirt also looks like a pleated one ♥

Velvet Off The Shoulder Mini Dress

Velvet Off The Shoulder Mini Dress

When I was thinking about what kind of jewellery should I wear together with the red velvet dress above, a set of rings came up on my mind. That is why I chose Rhinestone Circle Finger Ring Set in the end. It is composed of the five simple golden rings - two of them have even the rhinestones on themselves, two of them look like the normal simple circles and the last one of them looks like a wavy one. Simple and minimalistic jewellery is the only one I need. I like the items which are easy to match with almost everything. This way you save time while picking the accessories too.

Rhinestone Circle Finger Ring Set

Rhinestone Circle Finger Ring Set

The last item is corresponding with the next fete we will be having soon - St. Valentine´s day. Personally, I have never celebrated this fete and I think that nowadays it´s only taken as a huge commercial strategy. But I do not think anything bad about celebrating it! If this is a special day for you to celebrate, why not, right? :) So the item which I think is corresponding with the St. Valentine´s day are the Key Heart Hoop Drop Earrings. Look at them, aren´t they just pretty? I really like the fact that they are golden and they have two pendants on themselves - little red heart and little golden key. It is just cute ♥

What about you? Do you like any item mentioned here? Have you ever ordered anything from Gamiss? :)

Key Heart Hoop Drop Earrings


  1. Izabela Majkut00:10

    I'm looking for velvet dress :)

    Best Regards -

  2. Soňa Lazoriková00:10

    Jeees, tie šaty sú bohovské. :)

  3. aleksis.aliss00:10

    Nice dress <3



  4. Sabi L.00:54

    šaty nie sú veľmi moja šálka kávy, ale tebe sa veeeľmi hodia ;)

    Sabi z blogu Beautiful savage

  5. Joanna W.00:44

    You look beautiful in this dress! :)

  6. Thank you very much! ♥
    You are sweet :)

  7. Drews Beauty00:44

    Tak tie sú peckové, veľmi sa mi páčia zamatové šaty :)

  8. Alena Nguyenová00:23

    Šaty sú jednoducho nádherné :)

  9. Adorable, I love the midi rings!

    xo Annie

    New England Romance

  10. Ivus Malikova00:45

    Šaty vyzerajú krásne a tie prstienky sú naozaj naozaj topky <3



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