Being a princess & alluring prom dresses

Simple dress Prom dresses

Hello my lovely alluring little licornes ~ For today I would like to share with you a few tips connected to a topic how to be a princess. Writing this kind of articles makes me seriously happy. Thinking about and sharing tips on a bit unusual topics while adding there a bit of my personality as well is something I just enjoy to do. Also, a princess can´t be the princess without some cute and charming dresses, right? Except advising you how to transform into one alluring creation, I would also like to show you a few fancy prom dresses from

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1. Skin care & cosmetics -  as a princess, you should take a decent and proper care of your skinc and use only those products, which are suitable for your skin type without causing your skin irritation or other problems. Natural cosmetics is only recommended. Make-up shouldn´t be very strong an visible - it should look very natural.

2. Eating habits - your day should be devided in a few parts - well, as the princess you have naturally a lot of stuff to do. Thinking about when and how much to eat is very important since it´s expected that you will take a proper care of your body as well. Don´t forget to eat veggies, fruit and other healthy things. Also be aware how you behave and follow the manners.

3. Tea time - Hydration is very important. Don´t forget to drink a lot of water and, of course, a tea at 5.

4. Decoration - another simple way how to immediately feel like a member of a royal family is decorate your room with fancy stuff. Decor doesn´t need to be necessarily pricey - just use the elements which make you feel like being in your fancy chamber.

Simple dress Prom dresses

5. Dress - one of the most important things to have in your mind is assemble a perfect dress for you. Don´t forget to think about your measurements and body shape. You can also be inspired by the ones in this article.

6. Classical music - Waking up to a classical music is such a beautiful feeling. Listening to this kind of music even makes you feel prettier! You can also listen to it during doing some activities.

7. Pearls - Buying some pretty ones in a form of earrings, necklace, bracelet or ring. They might be a little pricey, but you don´t have to invest a whole possession into them. Nowadays there also available tons of them in almost every single price range.

8. Stand up straight  - Well, there is a lot of another things which can make you feel like the princess, but remember, standing up straight is another really important one. You will look even taller and your spine will surely thank you later.


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    Haha, what a cute post! I love the tips you've included, and those dresses are gorgeous!

    // xx


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