14 ways how to spend Valentine´s day

14 ways how to spend Valentine´s day

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Since I was browsing a Rosegal for a while and I noticed there are already Valentine´s day sales, I was thinking about writing another valentine post. Today I would like to share with you completely 14 tips, ways how can be this fete actually spent. It doesn´t matter if you are in a relationship or not, you can follow these tips even if you are single! Treat yourself somehow. Having a boy/girl/friend is not a condition :)

Also, I would like to share with you a few tips on a valentines gifts which caught my attention. All of them are available on Rosegal, so you can comfortly buy them online. Or at least you can take this article also as a little inspiration for your own gifts.

Most of the tips are from my own head. Well, it should be also expected but what I wanted to actually say is that those tips are primarly how I would like to spend this fete (with someone or alone). So, let´s get started, shall we? :) And also, valentine´s day gifts 2018 inspiration is in the end of the article ♥

1. Museum date - If you are a person fond of a history as much as me, visiting museum can be a seriously great idea! You don´t only spend day together, but you will also be a bit more clever than you were! If you like especially some historical season, you may only pick a precise exhibition.

2. Gallery date - Something similar to a museum one, but the more artistic. I just adore art ♥ Every single kind of it. I could spend even hours with admiring art. It´s just so breathtaking.

3. Picnic date - In case of a nice weather, why don´t you find a perfect place to have a picnic there? You can spend time with talking, admiring the scenery, eating and also taking the photos.

4. Taking the photos - And what about a date connected to only taking the photographs? You can also challenge each other and, for example, try to take a pics of the same objects, people, sceneries etc. In the end you can decide who did it better or you can just browse the pics together.

5. Cuddling at home - Watching your favourite series, sipping home-made coffee, eating the food you made or order something. Spending time home doesn´t have to be neccessarily boring. It´s just up to you and up to your imagination, how will you spend this day ^^~

6. Visiting a cafe - Are you both fond of drinking coffee and discovering new pretty places? Why don´t you make a little research beforehand and visit the cafes you picked on this day?

7. Having lunch/dinner together - If you won´t be having lunch/dinner together at home, why don´t you make Valentine´s day a special one and visit some fancy restaurant? Trying a food you´ve always wanted to eat but never tried before can be really tasty. And it may become an unforgettable memory too. As all of these acitivities ♥

14 ways how to spend Valentine´s day

8. Walking down the city - Walking can be actually a really nice and romantic activity. You don´t only spend day together, but you do something for your health as well. And while walking, talking together and admiring the city´s architecture, you can take another photos!

9. Go on a trip - It doesn´t have to be anything pricey. Even a small trip to another city can be enough. Or go to visit some castle! Travelling by train can be also adventurous.

10. Botanical garden - Small trip to a botanical garden and greenhouses can be adventurous too. Especially thanks to many exotic plants, trees and flower which can´t be seen around your country. Sometimes, they tend to have special exhibitions too - for example exotic butterflies, orchids, cactuses and succulents etc.

11. Welness - Massages, pools, sauna. Just chilling and taking time enjoying different procedures. Very relaxing way how to recharge and gain new thoughts.

12. Cinema - I´m not a huge fan of cinemas to be honest because I prefer watching everything comfortable at home,  but when a movie is seriously great, I don´t mind. And imagine those hills of popcorn and shaved ice ♥ Maybe there will be some Valentine´s sale as well.

13. Sweet date - Do you like anything sweet just like me? What about a cute little patisserie situated in your city? Dope youself with a sugar a bit (or even more!).

14. Game night! - Well, personallyany game is okay with me but what about the traditional ones - board ones? You will be having surely a lot of fun while playing them together.

And what about your tips how to spend Valentine´s day? :)

And now it´s time to finally show some of my tips on Rosegal Valentines gifts 2018

Valentine´s Day Gift Inspiration


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