How to choose a good winter jacket

Winter Jackets Rosegal

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ I am so happy that it is Wednesday already! Today I officially had the last test this year! I am so glad that I finally have a free time and I can do anything I want. December was a very tough month for me because we had been having a lot of stuff to deal with - exams, tests, homeworks, seminar works etc. And now, I can finally enjoy a christmas mood, yaay ♥ I just can´t believe that Christmas are this Sunday! This yeah has been flowing sooo fast! And since it´s a very cold here and I was browsing winter jackets on Rosegal, I would like to share with you a few tips about how to choose the right winter jacket.

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The first thing you should consider before buying is - obviously - a quality. Most of people (including me) would like to buy the most wonderful and the best jacket ever but we would also like it to be cheap. While choosing a winter jacket you should think more about quality than a price. I don´t say that you have to buy the jacket worth a few 1000s or something. Expensive things don´t necessarily mean the good quality - all of us know that. What I wanted to say is that if you like something and you would like to have it, from time to time, it´s good to buy it even when it´s a bit more expensive than other stuff you used to buy. Also, the price may differ due to a material as well.

Winter Jackets Rosegal

Material is another thing to have on mind while going shopping. It should be something what is thick and what will keep you warm - especially when you live in a country where winter tends to be very cold and it also snows there.

Pesonally, I just love wearing looong winter jackets. They keep warm not only my upper parts of the body, but also the lower ones. I don´t have to be afraid of being cold, catching cold or getting sick. Also some people may be more sensitive to get the urinary problems so they should consider the lenght as well. But I know a lot of people who prefer shorter jackets. In the end, it´s completely up to you, but at least think about it :)

Winter Jackets Rosegal

Most of my life I used to wear only dark colour jackets - grey, black, brown etc. But since last year I´ve been wearing my the newest one in a pink colour. I just love it! Among people I may to stand out a bit but I don´t mind it at all. Thanks to a colourful jacket, the winter days seem to be a bit brighter and also happier. While putting it on a dark cold winter days depression is going away. Colour is always a good choice and it´s also very fashionable.

Material is the one thing, but the jacket´s surface is another one. Personally I like padded jackets which doesn´t have a fabric-like surface. In that case your jacket won´t be wet while raining or snowing and it will also be more windproof.

For me having a hoodie is very important - especially when it´s very windy outside or when it´s raining/snowing. It can protect your face, hair and also a makeup. And it may keep your head warm in case you don´t wear a hat.

What about you? Have you already found the right one yourself? :)


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