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Hello my lovely little licornes ~ It has been a while since I posted an article about my last order which I made through an e-shop called Gamiss. The first article were mostly about the stuff I bought for my mum for this year´s Christmas. Today´s article will be mostly about the same topic. But this time, except the items for my mum, I also ordered a few ones for my friends. I hope they will like them too. Okay, ready? Here we go :)

* provided for a review

Tassel Faux Leather Shoulder Bag

Order was devided into two different packages. One of them came sooner, one of them came only last week. I wanted to publish the article with the both ones so I was waiting for the second to arrive. The first item I will be showing you today is a Tassel Faux Leather Shoulder Bag in a black colour. It´s a bag between a middle and large size.

It looks very simple, but elegant. My mum really likes it - especially a pendant and the shiny material it has. Even if the bag was dedicated for the Christmas, I decided to give it to my mum a week and something before because she really wanted me to and also, her old one was seriously damaged so.

Tassel Faux Leather Shoulder Bag

Tassel Faux Leather Shoulder Bag

Another item is composed of three ones. It´s a Wood Ball Tassel 3 Pcs Handbag Set in a black colour too. The main bag is a much more smaller that the one above. I thought it would be bigger, but nevermind. My mum didn´t have any small bag like this so she is happy to finally have some too. The second smaller bag can be used like a cosmetic one and the smallest one for example like a coin purse. This material isn´t that shiny and the bags aren´t that good quality ones as the first one. But since my mum is satisfied, I am glad as well :)

Wood Ball Tassel 3 Pcs Handbag Set

Now I would like to show you two chokers which are dedicated for M*. I asked her if there is anything she would like to get and she sent me a few tips. I ordered her three chokers, but one of them hasn´t been sent yet so .. At least two of them already came! Both of them are made of a faux leather strap. The first one is a Vintage Faux Leather Round Statement Choker Necklace and the second one is a Circle Velvet Choker.

Vintage Faux Leather Round Statement Choker Necklace

Circle Velvet Choker

Another two items are earrings. First ones Faux Pearl Bows Star Chain Hook Earrings are mine. I just love how they look like. I like pearl and bow ornaments there. The second ones are Double End Glass Ball Earrings in a pink colour which I ordered for R*. They are really pretty too - in the front there are small crystals and inside there is a pink flower with little transparent rhinestones.

Faux Pearl Bows Star Chain Hook Earrings

Double End Glass Ball Earrings

Double End Glass Ball Earrings

And here we have the last item. Officially, on the e-shop, it´s named like a Healing Toy Squishy Squeeze Mochi Dingding. But well, since we are mostly the adults here, we should know, what it actually is, haha. I ordered it for my friend A* as a joke. I just can´t wait for her expression when she will see it for the first time, haha.

Healing Toy Squishy Squeeze Mochi Dingding


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