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Hello my lovely little licornes! ~ It has been a few weeks already since I posted last clothing haul. I got this package from an e-shop called Gamiss this week so I decided to post it already. Maybe you will be inspired too and you will buy some Christmas presents there too. I was thinking about what would my mum make happy and I realized I should have bought her some new clothes. I showed her the e-shop and told her to find something she likes. She picked three items which I will show you today. Curious? Read the rest :)

* provided for a review

Scoop Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The first thing she chose was this pretty Scoop Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt with a lovely lace on both sleeves which make it a bit special and interesting. It should be grey but in the end, it´s something like a creamy beige colour which is way more elegant! We chose the size L.

Long Sleeve Striped Zippered Women's Hoodie

My mom is different from me - I don´t like wearing sweatshirts very much but she does. And a lot! That is why another item she picked was this Long Sleeve Striped Zippered Women's Hoodie in a blue and white colour combination. It looked a bit warmer and thicker in the photo e-shop provided but it doesn´t matter to my mum that much. She likes it very much. In this case, we chose size L as well.

Long Sleeve Hoodie Cardigan

Third and the last item which I ordered for my mum this time was this grey Long Sleeve Hoodie Cardigan. Me and my mum we both are really fond of its knitting pattern and buttons in the front. It is a bit thicker than the sweatshirt, but not that much I would expect from a knitted cardigan. Nevermind. The most important for me is the fact that my mum likes every single item which I ordered for her ♥ It was ordered in a universal size (one size).

But what I don´t like about Gamiss that much is the very high shipping cost. At least for me. Well, most of the prices are, on the other hand, reduced due to that.

And here is my mom modelling for you, haha ♥
Gamiss review

In the package, there was also one last item. This wasn´t supposed to be for my mum. She wears only silver or white gold jewellery. She is allergic to bijouterie. The last item were these Rhinestone Rabbit Ear Stud Tiny Earrings which are just super-adorable, don´t you think? In the end, I am going to give them to M* as a part of her Christmas present because she wanted some tiny ones :)

Rhinestone Rabbit Ear Stud Tiny Earrings


  1. Dina ADina01:54

    Lovely earrings!

  2. Great selección! ♥️♥️♥️

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    I love that grey sweater, it looks SO comfortable!
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  5. I love the color of that scoop neck top!


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