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Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Hope you´ve been having a wonderful day today. Since I stayed at home because I hadn´t felt very well in the morning, I decided to publish another article. It has been already a few days since I received my last order from Zaful. I was afraid of not getting it at all because recently I had to sent back two or three packages which were sent me for review purposes. I hope that everything will go smooth from now on and I will be receiving everything as usual. Today I will be showing you three items I ordered from Zaful. Enjoy ~

* provided for a review

Zaful Loose Heathered Mock Neck Sweater

First item which I will be showing you today is this super cozy Loose Heathered Mock Neck Sweater in a dark blue colour. Material is very warm, comfortable and fine to wear. I just love to cuddle with it ♥ I also like this shade of a blue colour. It looks more like a fancy royal one. Sweater also has an upper collar what is just perfect during the autumn and winter. I ordered it in a size S but I have to say that it´s more like a tunic to me, haha. But actually I like the fact that it´s longer because it keeps warm part of my legs too.

Zaful Badge Patched Lantern Sleeve Sweatshirt

Another cozy item is a cropped Badge Patched Lantern Sleeve Sweatshirt in a lovely lavender colour. It looks so bright and I just love its lantern sleeves. It´s very comfortable to wear and I like the fact that it´s more like an oversize piece of clothing. From time to time I don´t like it when clothing fits me perfectly and it´s literally sticked to my body. This way it´s more breathable. It also has a small upper collar and a little application on the left. This sweatshirt is made from a bit lighter material than the first one.

Zaful Bleach Wash Skinny Ripped Jeans

And look who ordered another pair of jeans. Yes, you are right - me. This time I ordered Bleach Wash Skinny Ripped Jeans in a size S. I didn´t have any ripped jeans in my jeans collection back then. That´s why I wanted to freshen my collection a bit. Also the face that they are a bit bleached makes them look unordinary. Usually, I don´t have problems with S sizes - I wear even XS ones, but this time these jeans are seriously SKINNY. Even for me. But I hope that after stretching them a bit they will be more lousy. I can wear them even now but moving with them it´s a bit hard, haha.

Zaful Bleach Wash Skinny Ripped Jeans

Zaful Bleach Wash Skinny Ripped Jeans


  1. Beautiful items!


  2. Kati05:48

    You got such cool items!

    Almost Stylish

  3. The blue knit sweater looks warm and comfortable during this weather. love all pieces from Zaful <3



  4. Lexi05:56

    Amazing choices dear! Great post!


  5. Emma Richardson05:56

    I love those jumpers! So cute!

  6. I love the look of the blue jumper. It looks so comfy and soft!

  7. Love the stock Hun xxx

  8. Erin Hefta Ross02:50

    I love all of these pics, comfy and cute! And the way you displayed the clothing is really cute and unique! Nice post!

  9. Andrea Nicole Laranang07:57

    Love them :) When you want to be cute, warm and cozy at the same time.


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