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School Bag & Vintage Bag

Cat Patch Tote Bag

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ It has been a while since I posted a review on some goodies I received from Rosegal. And I don´t even speak about how long time it has already been since I posted something connected to bags! I did not buy any new ones for ages, I swear! That is also why I decided to change it and I ordered two bags at once. I also needed a new big one to carry it to my university because I spend there a lot of time - from the early morning to almost evening every day. Naturally, I need to carry many things with myself.

The first bag I will be talking about today you can see on a picture above. Cat Patch Tote Bag is a black shiny one made probably of a fake leather or something similar to this. Even if it´s a solid material, it´s not that heavy at all. I like its adorable front side which looks like a cat with the raised paws. Bag contains a front pocket above the cat´s head. Inside there is only one side pocket but it doesn´t have a zip closing. Cat Patch Tote Bag is a middle sized one so it´s a pretty spacious one. I just love it! I can carry a lot of stuff with myself - even my big notebooks and books! Tote bags are just amazing!

* provided for a review

Cat Patch Tote Bag

Buckle PU Leather Hangbag

The second bag I will be talking about is a Buckle PU Leather Hangbag which I added a lovely epithet - vintage. But when you look at it, don´t you think the same? I just couldn´t leave it on the e-shop. I had to have it - as soon as possible! I just adore handbags with a handle above. It´s pretty convenient. In my opinion, it also looks a bit more elegant and feminine. A single brown shiny strap comes together with the bag so you can make it into a crossbody one too - as you wish. It´s made of a shiny PU leather and it has a big closing application in the front. I would say it´s something between a small and middle-sized bag. It may look like it´s very small but it´s actually pretty spacious! I´m really satisfied with both of them ♥

Buckle PU Leather Hangbag

Buckle PU Leather Hangbag

Buckle PU Leather Hangbag


  1. I have the cat bag too XD its really nice bag


  2. Such a stunning post - I love a good hand bag! The cat patch tote bag is utterly perfect! xx
    Marina xx

  3. Anna Pasadyn12:24

    The black bag is sweet :)


  4. Yaay, really?! XD Haha it´s very lovely :3

  5. Šehada Ljajko15:18

    Great post, dear. I like these bags.

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  6. Very nice!!!
    I love the leather bag *-*

    | xoxo Donatella ♡ www.discoveringtrend.blogspot.it |

  7. The first bag is so cute! <3

  8. Paola16:35

    Cool, I love both!
    Kisses, Paola.


  9. glowyshoes109:34

    They both look really good.. enjoy them darling

    Glowyshoes's blog

  10. Nana15:56

    Both bags are very cute! Thank you for sharing :)


  11. Both bags are lovely, but most I like the braun one♥


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