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Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Today I have been having such a great day! I got up early in the morning, because I was meeting with M* and G*, who came to visit us after being in Czech republic for such a long time. I also met with her yesterday, when we were meeting together with two other people, but today, it was only three of us ♥ It has been such a long time since we spent time together like this. Oh, I miss the old times.

We went to Raňajkáreň Rozprávka where we had breakfast and coffee. After talking about everything and anything for about two hours and something we decided to split up. When I came home I started to edit the photos I had taken recently. There were also photos of items I ordered from Zaful so I decided to post the article too. This time the order contained four different items - two pieces of clothing, one pair of shoes and one choker. Interested in seeing them? Continue the article :)

* provided for a review

The first item of clothing I will show you is this Smocked Floral Button Up A Line Dress in a yellow colour. There is also blue colour available, but with a different floral pattern. Well, this yellow one has a floral pattern on itself too and I just love it. I like flowers very much. In front, there is a button application together with a thin lace to tie. It has a small V line and short sleeves. Lenght of it is something above the knees - my height is 158 cm. I can´t wait to wear this dress during the spring and summer. It´s made of a really thin, light and breathable material, so I don´t think I will wear it up until then since it has gotten really cold recently here. And this is me wearing it. Do you want to buy a new dress too? Get inspired by looking at dress casual category.

Smocked Floral Button Up A Line Dress

Another piece of clothing is a red Checked Plunge Romper which comes together with a short piece of fabric to tie it up in the middle. Rompers are so convenient! You don´t have to think about matching two or more pieces of clothing. You just put on one and choose some accessories, bag or even something on a top - sweater, cardigan, jacket etc. I like its simple yet not boring checked pattern and the fact, it´s "red" too. I don´t have a lot of red stuff in my wardrobe. The romper is made of a bit thicker but comfortable fabric. It has flouncy "shorts" which seem adorable. The only thing I don´t like about this item is its neckline! It´s so deep! I have to sew it up or wear something underneath. You can see me wearing it here.

Checked Plunge Romper

On the photo above you can also notice a little black "something" in the corner. It´s an Adjustable Lace Choker Necklace which I chose in a black colour. Since I already gave to M* one lace choker, in a white colour, I decided to give her also this one - in the opposite colour. They match each other perfectly I think. Lace is very fine and delicate, so be sure to not pull it very hard or something. You may tear it apart. M* was pleased and satisfied, so am I ♥

Adjustable Lace Choker Necklace

And the last item what I will be talking about today is a pair of these Double Buckle Straps Patent Leather Pumps which are just amazing, just incredible, just pretty and .. oh my, I just can´t find the right words to describe how much I am excited right now. Can you see them? Can you see them? Aren´t they just perfect? When I was little, I had been wearing similar shoes to these but since I had been growing up, I couldn´t have found the "right ones". That´s also why I´m so excited! It´s like a "fate" to me, haha. I chose them in a red wine colour but I would say they are a bit more vibrant and reddish. Their heel isn´t very high what is perfect too because I don´t like wearing high heels anyway. They seem a bit vintage-like to me - what about you?

I ordered THE LAST pair of them in a size 37 and they fit me just right. Closing is composed of two straps on each pump. That´s why they are also very comfortable to walk in - I don´t have to be afraid of an unpleasant feeling of "losing" them. I don´t know what else should I say about them. I´m satisfied with everything - their design, appearance, material, quality ... I am very, very thankful for this order

Double Buckle Straps Patent Leather Pumps

Double Buckle Straps Patent Leather Pumps

Double Buckle Straps Patent Leather Pumps

Double Buckle Straps Patent Leather Pumps


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