Wedding Dresses´ Trends 2017

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Hello my lovely little licornes ~ The beginning of the last year - 2016, was mostly known for a variety of the applications in a bridal world. Applications and ornaments on the wedding dresses such as all over the world beloved romantic lace, incredible three-dimensional flowers in every single shape, flitting feathers and many others. While speaking about the details, we can´t forget about a dress´s appearance too. There were a lot of dresses at that time which looked like they were made as the two-parts ones. Upper part created in a different style than the bottom one - e.g. tight fitting top and maxi pleated skirt. Very popular were also V-neck and off-shoulder style which was very demanding in the other kinds of clothing as well. What about this year? What is trendy in the wedding world now?

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In case of bridal and wedding dresses, there is a very huge chance that some of the previous trends will last another season (or even more) or some of the old ones will be brought back. Off-shoulder upper parts dominate this season as well together with ruffle skirts. Three-dimensional embellishments and fine lace are still being demanded. There is also a huge variety of styles - from minimalistic ones to those, which look like the ball gowns.

Mother of the bride dresses are really important too. In the end, the mother is one of the most important people in our lives for everyone. It is only natural that bride and her mother should be the prettiest looking females on the wedding. Dress should be comfortable and sophisticated. The most favourite and accurate colours of this kind of dresses are dark blue one, grey one, powdery ones, beige ones etc. Very popular ones are also dresses with short sleeves. Common applications and ornaments are lace, rhinestones, glitters or flowers.

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