My thoughts about marriage

Hello everyone ~ Today I would like to share with you a few thoughts of mine. This time I would like to speak about something different, what I haven´t mentioned here before. Or at least I guess I haven´t. Since I was a child, my opinion on a marriage and wedding has been slightly different. Unlike other little girls who wanted to marry a handsome prince with a beautiful white horse, I didn´t dream of anything like that. I would be happy enough to be a friend with a dragon which was guarding a tower where I was living (as a princess of course, haha).

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It doesn´t mean I don´t respect others´ decisions and opinion on the marriage and stuff like that. Not at all. I respect everybody´s opinion. There wasn´t anybody who would tell me it´s a bad thing or anything either. It just happened I´ve had these thoughts since I was a child. Maybe also because of the fact that my parents got divorced when I was little. So a happily ever after ending wasn´t pretty accurate to me then.

For me, personally, wedding is a useless thing. I don´t need any fancy fête or a contract for admitting that I like somebody and I want to be with him forever. This is just not how I see this stuff. I would be happy enough to have only a little family celebration, where I would be wearing a beautiful and simple dress, where we would make a toast, where we would eat delicious food, where we would be talking about everything and anything. I would like to have this kind of wedding. Without any contract, any fancy stuff. Just a feeling of a wedding is enough for me.

Another thing I don´t believe, especially nowadays, is, that I don´t think that most people can be with each other forever. In the past, it was pretty normal and it was really pretty sweet too, I think. But in today´s society, it´s something I just can´t imagine. I would like to have someone by my side until the end too, but not for this price. Another reason is, that getting divorced can be pricey and it can take a long time too! Think economically, haha.

At the end of this post, I would also like to mention, that I´ve been feeling like an asexual for a few years now. Or should I have rather said since I was a child? Probably. Maybe I just wasn´t thinking about it very much in the past because I had another stuff to deal with and think about. Being asexual takes a huge part in this decision too. That´s also why I mentioned it. For you to understand me maybe better. And please, if you want to say something like ,,Oh, you will see in a few years now on",,You are too young for this kind of thoughts now" etc., in that case just don´t say anything. There will still be lots of people who won´t fit into society´s concept. And nope, it´s not bad, sad, weird or anything.

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