Beach is Calling

Hello my little licornes! ~ Today I would like to share another fashion inspiration with you guys. You can see many summer promotions and deals on right now and those connected with beach too - for example dress beach fashion. I don´t know anything about the temperatures at place you´re currently staying at, but I definitely know, that these heatwaves which we can actually feel in Slovakia, are seriously high. Everyday it´s almost up to 30°C if not above.

Personally, I prefer colder seasons, such as spring or autumn. I can´t deal with the high temperatures like these. Maybe if there was a beach around, it would be better. No maybe, it would be definitely better! I haven´t travelled to many countries yet and I was staying near the beach only once. In future, I would like to travel somewhere close to a beach again. Even I prefer more adventurous holiday, from time to time doing nothing is a good option too. Especially during the summer, don´t you think? That´s also why I prepared another fashion inspiration for you. This time it will be connected with the beach. Enjoy ~

Innocent White

Zaful Beach Dress

Lace Kimonos

Zaful Lace Kimono

Pattern Everywhere You Look



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