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Every woman should be treated like a princess

Hello my lovely licornes ~ Every woman is a unique and delicate flower which should be treated delicately and honourable with. When I was little, I remember I wanted to be a princess - not all the time, but there were some special occasions when I wished to be one. Most of you had the same dream as me probably too. Incredibly layered dresses, long wonderful hair, shiny heels, own castle and, of course, a handsome prince who would fall in love especially with you. Nowadays, there is a lot of ways how to feel like a princess you wanted to be so much in the childhood. For example, thanks to the special occasion dress like those you can find on a Suzhoudress.com.

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  1. Meg H20:23

    Nice blog! Title means everything! haha :)

  2. feel princess - live princess))

  3. Shannon Boyce01:00

    Oh my gosh, those dresses are so so gorgeous!

  4. Monica Rae11:48

    Dokonalé šaty <3

  5. Šaty jako pro princeznu! Nevím, které jsou krásnější. Nejvíc se mi asi líbí ty druhé, ty modré ♥ Koukala jsem se na ně, na tom odkazu a je moc fajn, že je mají i v jiných barvách. Takové šaty (asi kromě plesů) bych si oblékla třeba na svatbu, v bílé jako nevěsta a v jakékoli jiné třeba jako host,.. nebo na nějaký maturiťák by se hodily, ale jinak vůbec nemám představu :)
    Měj se v lásce,
    Janet S. ( http://janetsonrisa.blogspot.com/ )

  6. Ďakujem veľmi pekne za takýto milý komentár ♥


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