Zaful Chiffon Floral Romper, Beach Throw etc.

Hello my little lovely licornes ~ For today´s article I prepared an one where I will be showing you what´s new in my closet. Again, haha. Recently, I don´t have much time to think or create another posts which are a bit more time-consuming. I already have a few ideas for some topics, but seriously, I want to focus on them more and I want to be satisfied with them for 100%! Even now, I have problem just to take photos, edit them and write something about the stuff. Summer finals are much more difficult for me than winter ones. That´s also why today´s article will be about the last order I made through e-shop I didn´t even realize the time and it was already here, haha. Like a miracle ~

* provided for a review

White Cami Floral Chiffon Holiday Romper is just a perfect piece of clothing for hot summer days. Firstly I couldn´t even tell it´s a romper! It looked like a dress to me. Even now, when I stay still, it looks like a dress from some angles. Great, isn´t it? Made from a light breathable material which you almost don´t feel on the skin at all. With a lovely and romantic colourful floral pattern which looks just pretty. I just adore flowers and floral pattern. I ordered it in a size S and it fits me perfectly. The only thing I don´t like very much about it is its front. It is way too much revealing for me. But it´s not a big deal - I can sew it easily or wear a top underneath :)


Have you seen some of these super cool and fancy beach throws yet? I already seen quite a lot of them and I´m happy I finally got an opportunity to order one too. It´s some kind of a lightweight blanket which you can also use like a piece of clothing and throw it around yourself when you are feeling cold a bit or when you are wearing a bikini etc. You can just use it the way you want. I ordered it not only like a thing which I can cover myself with when I feel cold, but also for its pattern! Look at this Banana Leaf Print Beach Throw! Isn´t the pattern just wonderful?! I already took a few photos and it and I can´t wait to take even more! ~

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My order contained another four items, but two of them weren´t shipped yet. I hope they will be dispatched soon because I can´t wait to see and wear them! I´m so excited. But back to the point. Last two items, as you may see on the photo, were these jewellery pieces. Nope, I don´t have enough of chokers yet, nope. Heart Faux Lace Choker Necklace is the newest piece in my collection. It looks pretty, elegant and so soft. I also upgraded my earrings collection with these Circle Bar Drop Earrings in a gold colour. Well, drop earrings are my the most favourite ones now. Wearing big earrings is great from time to time, because they will totally catch everybody´s attention ~

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  1. Je opravdu krásný! Má jemné barvy a příjemný květinovaný vzor ♥
    Měj se v lásce,
    Janet S. ( )

  2. Omg that playsuit! It is absolutely beautiful, the floral pattern is stunning and it looks flawless on you!

    Jessica Jade

  3. Love the floral pattern of the romper. I'm going to check this one out.

  4. That romper is really pretty - love the floral print!

    Hilary | Lipstick & Lattes

  5. Dippalli Naik07:34

    Love jumpsuits and this one looks gorgeous!