4+1 reason why should you procure a backpack

Hello my little licornes! ~ It´s already the end of the university week. I´m so happy it´s already over and I can finally do some sort of things I didn´t have much time to do during the last days. I also made a few designs of our university television logo because I´m a member of our university graphics team as well. I think I found my love to make graphics again ♥ But well, today I would like to share with you a few reasons, why should you definitely procure a backpack. Everyone will surely find his/her one. At least you can browse some through StyleWe.com. Curious to read the tips? Continue the article :)

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As you may know, I fell in love with backpacks a while ago. It´s been probably two years now. But why did I do it? Why did I actually fall in love with them so much? The first reason is, that it´s much more comfortable to carry backpack instead of carrying the handbag, for example. I prefer free hands more and my wrist doesn´t hurt.

Navy Blue Zipper Sweet Hollow Out Backpack

The second reason is the fact, that backpack makes you stay straight and you don´t slouch. It´s better for my spine too because I tend to slouch quite a lot and I shouldn´t do it because of my health problems, so.

The third reason is that backpack is much more spacious than a bag. Did you have a mess in your previous bag? That´s okay, because there will be much more uselessnesses, haha. But on the other hand, you can carry there textbooks, exercise books or even a laptop!

Black PU Zipper Sweet Backpack

The fourth reason is that backpack has become really popular in a few last years. It´s almost like an accessory of its owner. Nowadays you can find so many lovely looking models in so many different sizes, materials and styles.

And the last reason is completely additional. In case it´s raining outside, you can still carry it with yourself and use it like a potentional umbrella, if you will forget one at home.

Printed Zipper PU Sweet Backpack

What about you? Do you like backpacks? :)

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  1. Veľmi pekný výber vakov, krásne dizajny a aspoň jeden by sa mi určite zišiel. :-)

  2. Ja som si naposledy zadovážila taký maličký a rozkošný v ružovej farbe a s takými kvietkami :)

  3. Moj mali kutak23:00

    Nice bags, but the first is so cute ^_^

    Moj mali kutak

  4. backpacks are so cute! I wear them daily)

  5. Great selection! I have THE cutest kitty backpack from Stylewe. It's such great quality, I love it!


  6. Jessy Ferreira17:33

    this is sooo true!! you can fit soo much stuff in a backpack :)


    Xoxo Jessy

  7. That must be really adorable :3


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