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Hello my pretty little licornes! ~ How have you been lately? My life is pretty same all the time but today, we had a test from Philosophy. Well .. I have to admit that I hadn´t been studying for it properly so I´m not very surprised how it turned eventually. But I hope, that I passed this one, because it´s kind of an important one. Of course I knew something but some questions were a bit problematic for all of us, not only for me. Well, cross your fingers for us please, haha.

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Another new thing is a package I got last Friday. It´s another one ordered from Dresslily. This time I ordered two items - one connected mostly with winter and an universal one, which I can wear almost everyday. The first thing I purchased is this super-warm lovely-looking padded jacket. As you can see, I chose it in a light pink colour. I´m seriously satisfied with the colour I picked because it´s something which makes the cold days brighter. The usual size I buy is XS but I ordered this in M size. As you can see on the photos below, it looks good even it´s a bit bigger. It has two big pockets on the both sides and it comes also with a huge hoodie with a white faux fur. So soft to touch ♥ It has a classic zipper closing with a few buttons. At first I was thinking I look as a "huge little potato" in it, haha. But nope, I seriously love this jacket! It´s pretty and warm - ideal for these cold autumn days and also suited for the winter ones.

Dresslily Hooded Fuzzy Pocket Padded Coat

Dresslily Hooded Fuzzy Pocket Padded Coat

Halter Neck Knitted Hollow Out Bra is the second item which package contained. I haven´t been wearing classic bras for a few months now and I have to say that this way it´s better and more suitable for me. I don´t like the ordinary one - I just don´t feel comfortable while wearing them. I prefer those which are made from a lighter material and don´t contain any whalebone. I have also certain breathing problems from time to time so I decided to give up on the ordinary bras as well for this reason. This bra looks pretty, kind of romantic. I love knitted things. It´s seriously light and comfortable to wear. I just fell in love with this bra from the first time I saw it ♥


  1. Katarína Sládečková20:42

    Bundička je naozaj strašne pekná. Veľmi sa mi páči, že si siahla po ružovej až staroružovej farbe, ktorá je cez zimu dosť nevýdaná, a tak sa nebojíš vystúpiť z davu (najčastejšie tmavé farby kabátov a búnd) a siahnuť po svetlej a žiarivej farbe.

  2. Vždy som chcela peknú ružovú bundu ♥ Odkedy si pamätám a konečne ju mám :) Presne ako hovoríš - ľudia si ma tiež vďaka nej rýchlejšie všimnú! :D

  3. Love the pink jacket! So cute for winter =o)

  4. What a cute coat and also love that bikini top! Ooh, and interesting how you can wear it as a bra, how chic!

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