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Hello my little sweet licornes! How have you been recently? I haven´t experienced anything that special since I posted last article except one thing - we have been working on another story for our UniTV with my collegues. I´m sooo excited about it and I can´t wait to cut and edit it into a final form. And on the other side I got two lovely clothing pieces from Rosegal. If you´ve been reading my blog for a longer time, you probably already know that Rosegal is an e-shop with a lot of clothing items for women but also for men, and with a lot of accessories, bags and even shoes!

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I was given an opportunity to make another order. I chose two clothing pieces. Floral blossom hollow out blouse is the first of them. I´ve been into vintage and retro style for a few years now and I always find floral pattern very cute, pretty and romantic. I hadn´t had anything in the red colour in my closet before I guess so I think it was a right time to buy something already. The blouse is made from a light and comfy material. During the colder months I recommend to wear also a cardigan or a sweater on the top of it. I´m really glad I purchased it - I feel so pretty while wearing it! Even my surroundings made a lot of compliments on this blouse :)

Floral Blossom Hollow Out Blouse Rosegal

Bears print loose sweatshirt is the second and last item which I will be showing you in this post. What do you feel when looking at it? Happiness? Joy? Childhood memories? For me, this piece reminds me of my childhood and I feel happy every single time I look at it. It makes my days brighter and funnier. I just love to wear it - especially during the days when I don´t feel like smiling or when I´m simply sad. Even this piece of clothing is made from a fine and light material. I ordered it in a size S but it´s a bit oversize, which is amazing, because it´s more comfy to wear :3

Bears Print Loose Sweatshirt Rosegal

Bears Print Loose Sweatshirt Rosegal

Bears Print Loose Sweatshirt Rosegal

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