9 most favourite anime female characters

Hello my lovely little licornes! For today´s article I prepared something what is kilometers different from the beauty stuff. Today´s article will be about my the most favourite anime female characters. I´ve been planning a post like this for almost a year now and I think, it´s finally time to publish it. It´s a different topic than you are used to read about on this blog, but it´s a part of me and a part of my lifestyle too. In case you are not interested in anime, you may at least scroll down the images if you are curious. Enjoy! ^^~

1. Miwako Sakurada ~ anime: Paradise Kiss ~ Miwako-chan was the first character with pink hair, which I had started to like this much. She is a character from the one of my the most favourite animes all the time. She looks just like an angel and I like how kind and sweet she is. Sometimes she can also be a bit dumb and sometimes also a bit perverted, haha. I just adore whole her character - especially hair and hairstyles which she is has/wears in the anime. I also love her lolita style - it´s very adorable. I cannot understand, how can somebody not like her ♥

2., 3. Éclair and Lumiére ~ anime: Kiddy Grade ~ Éclair is my the very first anime character, which I wanted to look like. I like her appearance, her dress with a reversed cross in the middle and the fact, that she acts quite childish. She is pretty, sexy, cute but also very strong. And I don´t have to talk about that provocative outfit she wears. She forms a pair with Lumiére, who is a little adorable girl with a cute light blue hair styled in a side curl. Even if she may looks small and young, she already drink wine! I think that they two actually match incredibly together. And yeah, a little *spoiler*, these two characters have been always reincarnated :)


4. Kaname Chidori ~ anime: Full Metal Panic! / FMP?-Fumoffu! ~ Kaname, with her characteristic long blue hair closed with a big red ribbon, is a person kind of like me. I don´t mean an appearance tho. I mean a personality. I can get angry very easily sometimes during special occasions and I also hit people when they annoy me, hahaha xD Or at least I used to. Well, I am a combination of a choleric and sangvinik, so ... But for hitting someone I have to be really really pissed off. I like both side she has - the annoyed one, but also the second - kinder, cuter and also feminine one.

5. Hagumi Hanamoto ~ anime: Honey & Clover ~ I had been owning one anime and manga blog a long looong time ago. Its name was "honey-clover-world". Back then, I had been drawing and painting all the time, every day. Current anime was about life, university life and also about art. I´ve completely fallen in love with it. I like every single main character from this anime - also Takumi, even he left Ayumi *I was about to cry my eyes out back then*

Thanks to this anime, I really wanted to apply for an art school. (As probably most of the people who was watching anime and who was also drawing characters, haha) I was quite obsessed with it (anime). The most beautiful, talented, cute and outstanding character for me was definitely Hagu-chan. She paints so incredible paintings. I wanted to be as talented as she was. Nevermind. Life is not fair. But I know one thing for sure - this anime is the one from those, which changed my view of life and which will probably change yours too.


6. Zoey Hutson / Ichigo Momomiya ~ anime: Mew Mew Power / Tokyo Mew Mew ~ Adorable student girl who has feline powers and fights against evil together with her four friends. As a heroine she has short pink hair and her clothing is covered in shades of pink and red colour. Cute, inteligent yet powerful. Dream of every single one of us, haha. I´ve always wanted to be a super-heroine! I just love their magical wands xD And yeah, I turned 21 this year.


7. Filia Ul Copt ~ anime: Slayers ~ Slayers is one of my the very first animes I´ve ever seen. It has a few series nor just one. I like Filia´s character especially because of the way, how she presents her opinions. I also like her whinning when Lisa did something wrong or irracional, haha. Her "relationship" with Xellos is a very funny one - it´s really nice how they *do not* like each other. I´ve been always shipping them together x3 And I almost forgot! She is a golden dragon ♥

8. Umaru-chan ~ anime: Himouto Umaru-chan ~ Okay, this girl is definitely like me! Expect the fact that I am not - a blonde, as tall as she is, as cute as she is, as smart as she is, as skinny as she is etc. I also do not hide my interest in anime and manga. But, we have one common thing for sure - we are both otakus! We like to watch anime, read manga and play games. We have two appearances - different one at school or outside, and the one which starts immediately when we arrive at home. But I don´t like to eat and drink such unhealthy things that she likes to. Well, sometimes yeah but not so often-

9. Gasai Yuno ~ anime: Mirai Nikki/Future Diary ~ Another pink haired girl in this list, but this one is actually a yandere. It means she is kind of psycho but on the other hand a cute one. I love her sweet whinning-like voice but I have to admit that her "Yuuki" was sometimes really annoying. And look at her pigtails ♥ I feel very sorry for her parents and her second self. She didn´t deserve it. I´m really glad I decided to watch this anime after all.



  1. nice post, very interesting!

    lu | coco & louis

  2. Such great pleasure to read your amazing post, truly interesting, I love your blog, thank you for sharing, cannot wait for the next post!!!



  3. Clara Enit Vávrová18:28

    Moc anime nesleduju, ale překvapivě jsem znala většinu z těch postav :D Sebastiana mám taky ráda :)

  4. Mimie Niiouh15:48

    SEBASTIAN <3 It's so difficult for me to choose my favorite anime characters haha There are so much!!

  5. Veethee Dixit16:59

    Umaru-chan ~ anime looks really cute. I haven't watched much animes but the abouve listed seem nice!

  6. Sumita11:23

    I haven't watched much animes but they all look really cute. Thanks for sharing!


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