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Hello everyone :)
Have you ever, especially ladies, thought how would it be like being a mermaid? Having a fish tail, dancing with sea bubbles, swimming together with orcas, having a colorful hair, jewellery made from corals and so on. Yes, my fantasy is really huge. I´ve always wanted to be a mermaid, since I was a little child even in spite of the fact that I can´t swim. Irony? Maybe. But back to the main topic - I was browsing some items on an e-shop called Rosegal and I found a few cute ones. They somehow had resembled me a mermaid´s life, so I collected them together and made a collage with them. So, every single mermaid needs ...

Rosegal wishlist

1. Charming Layered Ruffles Lace Night Wear because she has to feel like a sea princess even when she´s human and even during the sleeping ...

2. Black Waterproof Star Liquid Eyeliner because even the mermaid has to wear eyeliner. It´s an obligation! ...

3. Classic Moisture Lip Gloss Lipstick because she has to keep her lips moisturized and nicely coloured ...

4. Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Flounce Romper because she also likes flowers like every single woman on this planet ...

5. Stylish Halter Neck Tie High Waist Bikini Set because she has to feel mermaidly even during swimming like a human ...

6. Vintage Ruffled Embroidery Chiffon Dress because she likes to wear light materials and adorable dresses ...

7. Falbala Knitted Mermaid Design Throw Blanket because when she´s finally human, she can feel cold as well ...

8. Sweet Moon Crossbody Bag because even she´s a mermaid, she´s still a woman with a huge amount of things, she needs to carry with herself ...

9. Metal Polygonal Frame Sunglasses because she has to protect her eyes during the time she´s not under the water ...

10. Wedge Heel and Suede Design Sandals because she needs to protect her human feet as well but she wants to feel comfortable at the same time ...

What else would a mermaid need? Any tips? :)


  1. I love the colors on your wishlist! The pastel colors are amazing.


  2. Markéta Potjahajlová22:26

    Totálně mě uchvátilo číslo 6 a 3. V těchto šatech s rtěnkou bych si dokázala představit letní den třeba u moře. :) Líbí a moc. :)


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  4. Surbhi Suri08:09

    So tempting . That dress is so pretty. Need it now .
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  5. Rachel Roo15:14

    Jedna a sest jsou boooziii. A chci clanky v cestine, na ajinu jsem moc lina :D

  6. Tie šaty sú naozaj pekné ♥

  7. I have to admit! Pastel colours are just incredible ♥

  8. Rachel Roo16:41

    Jsem blba :D myslela jsem slovenstinu, jako proste ne anglictinu :D ale zvladla jsem to precist i tak, tak snad ok :)

  9. Ja viem, nič sa nedeje. Aspoň som sa zasmiala, haha :D
    Ale väčšinu článkov i tak píšem po slovensky a prekladám do angličtiny, takže neboj :)

  10. Wow, nice pieces! The vintage dress is adorable, I love it :)

    xoxo ❤
    Melania | modeintechnicolor.blogspot.com

  11. awwww cute wishlist XD the bikini is the cutest ^^


  12. the ruffle dress (#6) is my fave. been so into those dresses lately. it's so dainty and cute x


  13. I've always wanted to be a mermaid. When I was a kid and we went out for swimming, I always pretended to be one. It helped that Ariel is my second favorite Disney princess! I want the ruffled dress and the mermaid design throw blanket for myself!

    xx, Richel Goes Places

  14. Monika Zuzanakova15:36

    Ta kabelka s ouškama je fakt boží ^^

  15. These picks are so cute! I love the bikini and the throw blanket :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  16. I also can't swim but I am planning to have swimming lessons in the future. It's a goal I want to tick in my bucket list. Hihi! *sigh* I can't wait to feel like a mermaid soon! Hahaha. Oh btw, Ariel is one of my favorite Disney princesses! 😊

    Augustin Ra Indie Spirit

  17. Elbewien Dascë Wolf18:58

    To vypadá tak sladce :)) asi dostanu cukrovku =^.^= Ta kabelka je krásná <3

  18. Michellee Cheung02:39

    your wishlist is perfect! <3
    Michelle | www.mishcheungx.blogspot.co.uk/

  19. This is an amazing wishlist.

  20. The World of makeup00:32

    Naprosto dokonalé :-)

  21. Anice Smith16:18

    Great post indeed!
    I've spend a little time browsing your blog, and I find it so lovely! Really looking forward to reading future content.

    Much love xx


  22. I do want to be a mermaid! Gosh, who doesn't? Haha.

    Love, Fads

  23. evie16:27

    Aaaa I need the fish tail!!!


  24. Oh my gosh I LOVE this mermaid theme that's going around lately! Everything looks so pretty!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

  25. Monica Rae00:05

    Tá deka vyzerá úžasne! :D Musím ju mať, na jeseň si ju určite objednám :D

  26. That´s the question! Who doesn´t?!

  27. I would like to swim in the ocean like a mermaid as well *///*

  28. Pripomína mi Lunu, zo Sailor Moon :)


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