Tokyo Treat December 2015

Hello sweeties! ~ ♥ I hope you have had another wonderful day today. Some of you may know that I got another package from Tokyo Treat - a december box - full of japanese candies and snacks. I am so happy, pleased and so thankful that a lady from TT e-mailed me about another collaboration. Of course, I agreed. I really like japanese sweets and snacks as you could see in previous candy/snack box reviews. For this month I got a premium box again. It cointained five items from small box + another five items from regular box + four items which contains just a premium one. Excited what I got? Keep reading (:

Before I show you what items I got, I want to introduce TT to those of you, who maybe haven´t heard about it yet. Tokyo Treat is a monthly subscription which provides japanese candies and sweets from 14,99$. You don´t pay for shipping, because shipping is absolutely FREE and it´s worldwide. Isn´t it amazing ? You can order three different boxes - the first one is small box, the second one is regular box and the third one is premium box.

Small size box ~ 5-7 candies, 14,99$.
Regular size box ~ 8-12 full-sized snacks or candies with one DIY kit, 24,99$.
Premium size box ~ 13-17 snacks or candies including 2 DIY kits, special gift, 34,99$.

* Chirin color pen chocolate: This amazing chocolate candy pen capsule holds mini chocolates for you to eat while you draw or write. When i saw it for the first time, I thought it´s just an ordinary candy capsule. I was really startled when I found out that I can actually write with this pen. It contains also a little yellow pencil which is totaly great! Small chocolate balls are in different colours and they are really tasty. Probably made from milk chocolate, yum!

* Coris Sharitto Puru Gums: Yummy fruit candies which come with an amazing combination of apple and yoghurt that will blow your mind! The soft texture is also sure to please, and you will not want to share these with others very easily! These ones supposed to be bubble gums I guess. They were really sweet but they had a specific taste. I think these gums were much more sweet than ours are, haha.

* Meiji Banana Chocolate: These delicious bananas are chocolate filled candy snacks which have tons of flavor for such a tiny size! Sometimes you can get a very rare lottery flavor of "ripe banana" that has orange infusion in it. When I was about to try them, I didn´t believe there would be little tiny bananas inside. Package contains a lot of banana shape candies which are really filled with chocolate. I also packed them into my backpack during the Budapest trip with my Love.

* Meiji Cream and Caramel: Candies are firstly hard, but when you mumle them a while, they start melting. They aren´t too sweet which is really good. My teeth didn´t hurt much, haha. Their taste was kinda difficult. Maybe because of its caramel and cream cobination. Also another good candy which you can put into bag and eat when you feel like having something sweet.

* Meiji Cotton Soda Gum: This special cotton candy snack is especially cool because of the cola flavor. Oh god! It was so different from the usual candy cotton. It had blue colour and looked and tasted like the usual one, but it contained also tiny white pieces of another candy. It was quite sour when I bite it sometimes and I think it was thanks to these ones. Cotton candy was both - sweet and sour as well. I also like this super-duper-kawaii package design ♥

* Glico Light Potatoes: These little Pocky look-alikes may have the same shape as that candy snack, but do not be fooled. This is a full-on potato-chip stick! And how I describe it? De-li-cious. I was almost about to cry when I realized that the package of this snack was empty. Long light sticks which were crunching and which had salty potato taste. Really good snack when you are watching a movie or some serial. It has also imaginative package design - a sexy look of potato, uuuh!

* Fun Christmas Caramel Powder Snow: Enjoy the mellow flavors of condensed milk, paired with honey and salt in a puffed snack that gives off a vibe of winter wonderland. Also, the special Christmas packaging will sure to lighten your spirits! In the july box of Tokyo Treat I had a Tanabata edition of this snack, so this is my second time having this. White pieces are as light as the snow is. They really do resemble the snow. They tasted a bit too sweet but I don´t mind.

* Majomajo Neru Neru: This magical witch DIY is both - fun to play with and eat! Mix the powders with water, stir and enjoy the colours and powder begin to bubble  and brew, just like a witch´s cauldron! This has been a fan favourite of Japan, since 1986! I just love DIY candy kits - this information you probably have already known. I mixed everything together and I got some kind of sour pour which were pink and after that yellow. I put there blue pieces of candy and also star-shaped ones. It tasted really good and a bit sour. Blue pieces of candy were also crackling in your mouth!

* Lotte Star Wars Bikkus iman E123: Bikkuriman has released limited edition chocolate candies from episodes 1, 2 and 3 of Star Wars franchise. I was glad that I got something with a Star Wars theme. I am not that big fan of it, but I like an idea of it. In the package you could find one piece of wafer filled with chocolate. I adore japanese chocolate. It´s completely different from ours and it´s also less sweet. Except of the wafer there was also nice sticker :3

* Meiji GOCHI Gum Cola: These delicious soft candies are cola flavored and they will leave you feel satisfied. This candy has also been a fan favourite for a long time until now. These cola flavored gummies were totaly different from ours. It tasted like a real jelly and it didn´t taste chemically. Those of you who has ever tasted our gummies probably know, what I am writing about. On the surface it had little pieces of sour sugar and the cola flavor tasted almost like the real one.

* Calbee Hard Fried Potato Ride: These special potato chips are kinda rustic. Aside from being deliciously seasoned with herbs and spices, they also have a thicker cut and they are cooked longer. It gives them a more adult-flavor palate. I really enjoyed this snack. They tasted like an ordinary potato chips, but a mix of herbs made their taste different. I can´t really describe this taste but it was really delicious and unusual.

* Matcha Collon: Package full of crispy biscuits which are filled with matcha flavor. I hadn´t tried a matcha taste until now. It tastes like a green tea, but something is different about its taste. I´m thinking about trying matcha tea as well. Well, we will see. The creamy center of these biscuits and crispy inside will leave you wanting more and more, I promise!

* Snowman Ramune "Special": In july box I had spicy Ramune drink. I think it was chilli. In december box I received this sweet Ramune drink which tasted like a bubblegum, but it wasn´t too sweet. I really, really appreciate the fact, that japanese candies don´t contain so much sugar. What I also want to mention is a special opening. You need to push one thing into another, because you can´t open it by rotationing. After you push it with your strength, there is a little tiny ball which fall down and bubbles will squirt out. I have kept the bottle as well - it´s a nice winter decoration to my room ♥

* Riddle Puchitto: This DIY kit allows you to mix different of both flavor - sweet and sour - together. Package contains two types of candies - apples and stars. Apples have a light green colour and they are kinda sour. On the other hand, stars are yellow and have sweet taste. You can split them very easily. Enjoy eating this while solving the sour and sweet flavors of orange.


  1. Katarína Sládečková13:35

    :-P to je úžasné. Ja som vždy túžila vyskúšať niečo Ázijské. Veľmi sa mi páčia kawaii, japan, tokio,.. boxy a toto je ďalší úžas. Naozaj veľmi ti gratulujem (a v kútiku duše aj závidim, ale len v dobrom), že sa ti to podarilo. Je to niečo úžasné. Ja osobne naozaj milujem tieto vecičky a ... proste super :) aktuálne i s veľkou GA

  2. Obaly těch jejich sladkostí jsou prostě někdy boží! Všechno je tak úžasně barevné a veselé.. Člověk by si je nejraději nechal a občas na ně koukl, aby měl lepší den =)

  3. človek niekedy až žasne čo všetko sa dá vymyslieť a ako sa dá pohrať s dizajnom tak obyčajných vecí, ako sú sladkosti a iné pochutiny :)

  4. Aj ja milujem ázijské boxy! Som naozaj rada, že sa ku mne niektoré z nich aj po čase vracajú a je to pre mňa nesmierna česť, že ma niektoré z nich oslovia aj viackrát (: ♥

  5. Mám jeden špeciálny zápisník, vlastnej výroby, kde si poctivo lepím každý jeden obal z japonských sladkostí, aby som to mala do budúcna na pamiatku ♥

  6. Toto na tých ľuďoch naozaj obdivujem. Tú kreativitu a originalitu ♥

  7. Olivia Aimes19:42

    They look so yummy!

  8. Everything looks so delicious! I really would like to try some japanese snacks *-*
    Thanks for your comment! :)

  9. Lauren Blair .04:16

    Whoa, fun and "sweet" company! XO

  10. Popravde, ja sa radšej pozerám na tie sladkosti a obdivujem fantáziu toho, kto ich "navrhol" ako ich reálne ochutnávam. =D AJ keď som bola na Taiwane, nikdy som si nenakúpila hŕbu sladkostí a nespravila si "ochutnávku".=DDD Hoci ochutnávku pečiva sme si tam spravili..... v každom prípade veľmi sa mi páči táto idea - objednať si balíček sladkostí.=D Zatiaľ som túto ochutnávku videla len na jednom anglickom blogu a nebol takto pekne opisný.=D Hoci...opisovať ázijské sladkosti musí byť dosť ťažké. Aspoň mne vždy dochádzajú slová lebo sú to chute..... ktoré proste nepoznáme resp. ich nekombinujeme. Aspoň tak si teda myslím....=D

  11. Katarína Sládečková10:59

    Už asi 5x pozerám tento článok. Milujem takéto Ázijské boxy :)

  12. Ak niekam cestujem, tiež si nekupujem miestne sladkosti a mnohokrát sa nepustím ani do miestnych jedál. Avšak Japonsko milujem, chcem tam raz ísť a ostala by som tak kľudne aj žiť. A áno, už len pozeranie sa na tie obaly je krása ♥
    Ja sa s takýmto druhom recenzií stretávam často. Existuje nespočet boxov s rôznych zameraním, ktoré si môžeš objednať. Mnohokrát sú aj vo forme prekvapenia, takže do poslednej chvíle vlastne ani nevieš, čo si si objednala. Milujem pozerať videá a čítať články, ktoré obsahujú rôzne unboxingy ♥
    Haha, tak to som sa veľmi potešila, že som ich tak dobre opísala.
    Čo sa týka tých chutí - pred dvoma dňami som dokonca videla, že si dávajú na pizzu med, haha. Môže to byť ale fajn. A ďalšie iné, o ktorých sme tu ani zďaleka nepočuli a aj mnohé také, ktoré nikdy v živote okúsiť nechcem :D

  13. Potešenie na mojej strane ♥

  14. Ja práveže miestne jedlá vyhľadávam a riadim sa heslom, že ak tam jedia domáci a ak ich tam je vela, tak sa tam človek určite dobre naje. =D Ale hej, sladkosti nie... celkove sladkosti považujem za zbytočnosť bez nutričnej hodnoty. Ak si chcem na niečom pochutnať, radšej si napečiem alebo idem do kvalitnej cukrárne či kaviarne na dobrý koláč. =D
    Uffff no, niektoré kombinácie skrátka nikdy nepochopím. A za vrchol považujem to, keď moja lektorka kórejčiny, rodená Kórejka zajedala šošovicovú polievku na kyslo čokoladovým koláčom. =D No zážitok sme z toho mali všetky tri Slovenky čo sme tam boli.=D Ale zlatá sme kričali, že nieeeee, to takto nie...a ona, prečo? vyskušajte....ja som len nalačno preglgla a pustila sa radšej do kórejských výtvorov, keďže na tie slovenské ma prešla chuť.=D

  15. Diana21:48

    Vždy túžim ochutnať niečo podobné, rada by som to vyskúšala na vlastnej koži!

  16. ZEEKO.19:59

    To je krásná věc!! Já mám teď na cestě Kawaii Box, tak se na něho taky moc těším <3 Miluju takové asijské boxíky :)

    ZEEKO. |

  17. Ja čakám na svoj v poradí už tretí Kawaii Box v živote. Tento posledný som prvýkrát vyhrala ♥

  18. ADELA11:06

    Mňam :D Dúfam ze to raz vyskúšam !

    Fashion Lovers

  19. Clo Dy18:16

    nepošleš aj mne ? :D :D :D


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