Tokyo Treat July 2015

Hello sweeties ^^~
Today I have another snack subscription box review for you. This time it´s gonna be about Tokyo Treat monthly subscription which provides japanese candies and sweets since 14,99$. You don´t pay for shipping, because shipping is FREE and it´s worldwide. Isn´t it amazing ? You can order three different boxes - the first one is small box, the second one is regular box and the third one is premium box. Because of this collaboration I received my Tokyo Treat box for free, in premium size. I am so much thankful for this. I can´t even speak, when I saw that huge packet. Thank you very much for this opportunity once more!

Small size box ~ 5-7 candies, 14,99$.
Regular size box ~ 8-12 full-sized snacks or candies with one DIY kit, 24,99$.
Premium size box ~ 13-17 snacks or candies including 2 DIY kits, special gift, 34,99$.

* Tokyo Treat source *

Coconut pocky ~ I have always wanted to try Pocky! I was really surprised when I saw them in the box. It´s summer limited collection of Pocky with coconut flavour. Sticks covered with a milk chocolate with a ground coconut spread on them. Tasty, delicious and sweet. You could find two packages of them inside ♥ 5/5

Chocobi Chocolate Flavor! ~ Crispy and delicious chocolate flavored biscuits which look like a stars. So cute. Little fluffy biscuits aren´t as sweet as our chocolate sweets are, but it´s good! I don´t like very sweet things. Their flavour is really good and fine chocolate and you can feel it.  On the package is Crayon Shin Can anime theme. I know this anime and I kept this super-duper cute package. Inside was also a sticker with a main character as a little bonus. 5/5

Zhu-C Cider ~ Special Ramune candy which has been a best seller for over 50 years in Japan. That´s really interesting. They have also bubbly soda flavour packed inside little bites. You can see them like blue, green or yellow pieces. This candy is something like our grape-sugar sweets but it´s also chewy because of these colorful pieces inside of it. Nice and interesting. You can see also some pictures on them. 4/5

Nom-Nom Jelly Cola ~ I haven´t see something like this in our country. It´s like a jelly drink. Tiny jelly pieces which taste like cola. It´s part gummy and part beverage. It´s really fun to drink and you should be careful, when you are going to drink it. When I wanted to "sip" a bit of it, the jelly came out really fast :D I was kinda startled, because I didn´t expect it, haha. 3/5

Sawabee Vinegar Flavoured Chips ~ I really do like chips but lately I didn´t eat them at all. I was really happy, when I found them in the box. I was curious about its taste, because I don´t like vinegar very much. But they really tasted me. Ordinary potato chips with a salty and sour flavour. Really good. Maybe I will put a little amount of vinegar on our potato chips, haha. 4/5

Real-Grape Vine Gummy DIY Kit & Animal Bread Cakes DIY Kit ~ I just adore these DIY kits. When I got them I am just like a little kid. Literally. It´s really fun and it´s really interesting to make your own delicious candies. Real-Grape Vine Gummy kit is about making your own grape-flavoured sweets. It should look like a tree with a tiny balls, but I couldn´t make it. I didn´t know, how to make the little balls by the tutorial, so I just ate the jelly, haha. I like japanese grape flavour and jelly ♥ 5/5

Animal Break Cakes kit wasn´t good for me too. I was afraid of putting it into microwave xD Nevermind, I just prepared materials and drew the bear´s face. Then I licked it because I wanted to know, how does it taste. I think, there was some eggs into it but it was sweet. 5/5

Tabekko Aquarium Biscuits ~ The most delicious and the most adorable chocolate biscuits I have ever seen and I have ever eaten. Adorable packaging and shapes of them. I really like that japanese sweets and candies aren´t as sweet as our us, really. Instead of much sugar, you can enjoy a delicious and bold chocolate flavour. You can find here 47 different shapes of the sea animals. So many! Even if they are made from the chocolate, they are melt-free even in the summer! 5/5

Uranai-kko Bubble Gum ~ Bubble gums shaped in the form of japanese fortune telling box with a adorable pink neko. The fortune is written on the powder gums! I haven´t seen something like this before. It´s really original and good idea. Japanese have so many great ideas! The gums were delicious and their flavour lasted something about one hour in the mouth. 5/5

Caramel Corn Tanabata ~ Tanabata or Japanese Star Festival sweets have been enjoyed in Japan for many years. The 7th of July is the day of Tanabata festival. This is a limited edition snack which has a 3 possible variations. I received these with an almond flavour I think. Even if they have the almond flavour, they taste kinda like our arašídové chrumky. You could find there also a star-shaped pieces. So cute. 5/5

Spicy Curry Ramune Special ~ I think it was a special item in this box. I was really, really startlen because I don´t like spicy things at all and I didn´t imagine, that something like a SPICY DRINK can actually exist. But Japan. I was really skeptic about this one, but I was curious about its taste. Me and a boyfriend of my mom we tasted it! On the beginning I fell a bit of cinnamon taste but after that, it was something like a chilli! So spicy! :D But I am glad that I saw and tasted something like that for the first time. 3/5

Lotte Pie No Mi Blueberry ~ Blueberry. I love blueberry so much and of course, their flavour too. Little cute cheesecakes were hidden in this beautiful package. Flakey and layered biscuits were baked to a perfection with a soft blueberry and cheese feeling inside to contrast. It was so sweet, so delicious and it has become the most favourite sweet from this box in my family. Me and mum we were really dissapointed when we ran out of them :( It´s a much pity that we don´t have anything similar like this in our country. 5/5

Anpanman Gummies ~ My the most favourite candies are gummies. Another anime package, this time with a Anpanman or Bread man. You can find there 10 different soft gummy characters with a juicy and fruity taste. I almost ate them all, haha. 5/5

* provided for a review