Japan Candy Box June 2015

Hello sweeties ^^~
A few days ago I received this adorable box with japanese candies from a Japan Candy Box for a review. Thank you very much ! I just love these candies. I just love this cute packaging and also cute sweets. Let´s see, what I had in this june edition ~ I made a new video, something like unboxing for this parcel. I don´t know why the programme hates me, but whatever.

1. Kabaya Fish / Frog Gummies ~ I got this fishy ones gummies. They are like our normal gummy candies, but I think they are softer than ours. They have also sweet and juicy flavour inside. You can find there three different candy shapes.

2. Popin´ Cookin´ Neri Candy Land DIY Kit ~ You know, I really like this DIY kits. You can make your own tasty candies. The packaging contains gummies in five different colours. There are some sweets for decoration too. Creative and funny was how to make your own delicious candies. I really like this idea.

3. Pokemon Pikachu Pretzels ~ I think these pretzels are similar to japanese "pocky" sticks. Packaging with Pokemons took my heart on the first sight. I love Pokemon theme. They are all cool and sweet. Cookie sticks covered in a white chocolate with something I think. I am not really sure about what it is made of. But it´s really delicious. That´s a pitty, that I can´t buy them anywhere around :(

4. Meiji Petit Bubblegum ~ Grape flavoured tiny bubblegums. In my favourite - purple - colour. I like a japanese grape flavour. It´s kinda different from ours. It has kinda different taste, more sweet or something. When I want to chew them, I take more of them, because I can´t chew just one tiny bubble gum like these are, hah. Flavour lasts in your mouth something about 1 hour, which is great for the sweet bubblegum.

5. Puccho Mixed Fruit Chewy Candy ~ Yummy, chewy and gummy candy made from yoghurt with juicy flavours inside. Incredibly good taste matching. When I say that they have juicy flavours inside, I mean really JUICY. But for me, they are really sweet. I can´t eat more than 2 candies at once. On the packaging of every single candy you can see some characters. It´s just amazing !

6. Marukawa Fusen Bubble Gum ~ Orange flavoured bubblegum. I got this one mini packaging with four little bubblegums. They are juicy and sweet and their taste lasts something about one hour too.

7. Yaokin Sour Paper Candy ~ Yelly stick which you can find also in Slovakia ! Not this one but similar ones. They are my favourite candies. Sour paper candies, so yummy. I prefer the "rainbow" ones, but I like them all. This one is in cola flavour. It tastes like our sour paper candy, no difference. And it´s really, really looong.

8. Dorayaki Japanese Hotcake ~ Little cute cake which is similar to soft cake sweets. Something like Bebe Brumík and similar ones. It´s an ordinary cake with a fruit jam inside. Little, but delicious. It´s a pitty that I got just one, haha.

9. Meiji Kotsubu Chocolates ~ Lentilky. Yep, these little chocolates tastes exactly like our Lentilky. Yummy.

10. Lotte Koala March Biscuits ~ Adorable biscuits. Every single one has different drawing on itself. It´s so cute. Biscuits are filled with dark coco flavour. Mmmm ♥ And the packaging .. ♥

Would you like to try any japanese candies ?
Have you ever tried a box like this ? ^^~

* provided for a review


  1. Japanese sweets are so fucking cute. :3

  2. That packaging is adorable, the candy looks yummy

    can we follow each other?

  3. These look supppeeerrr cute!




  4. ...I love candy, and I LOVE Japanese candy. Thank you so much for the post - never heard of this company, but they sounds so freaking cute! AND YUM.

    Junniku blog!

  5. I am so loving this. Happy Monday dear! :)

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  6. Looks tasty!

  7. Oh very cute candies