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sweater weather | what my mom got

Zaful Winter Knitted Sweater

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ Most of you may not know that, but my mom had a birthday at the beginning of March. I bought a few presents among which were also these two knitted sweaters I ordered through Zaful. When I was asking her about which colour of them she would like to receive, she said she wants them in a red and burgundy colour. Looking for the sweaters like these was a bit tough since sizes like L aren´t very available on the e-shops like this. But, fortunately, I found these two pretty sweaters which also my mum liked a lot!

* provided for a review

Crew Neck Plain Cable Knit Sweater Zaful

The first of them, Crew Neck Plain Cable Knit Sweater, has a very nice bright red colour thanks to which it is really a special piece in my mum´s wardrobe. She didn´t used to wear colours like this so that´s why I am seriously happy she wants a change finally. I chose it in a "deep red" and one size. It is like made for my mum - perfect length, perfect style. Sweater has a nice knitted pattern in the front and on the sleeves as well. Material is thicker but soft to touch. It will keep you warm during the cold days.

Crew Neck Plain Cable Knit Sweater Zaful

Drop Shoulder Longline Chunky Sweater Zaful

The second one of them, Drop Shoulder Longline Chunky Sweater, I chose in a wine red burgundy colour and even this one is one size. Except for this colour you can choose among three other ones. This one is made of a bit lighter material but it will keep you warm too. It doesn´t have any knitted pattern. I thought sleeves will be "normal" long ones, but they are actually 3/4 ones. Even this sweater fits my mum perfectly - except for the sleeves, it´s like made just for her. Both sweater are very good-quality ones and I would recommend buying them.

Drop Shoulder Longline Chunky Sweater Zaful


  1. Perfect sweaters :D

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    Lovely post dear!! <3
    Have a great weekend! xo

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  3. You got some lovely gifts for your mom! I love both sweaters <3

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    Beautiful post <3


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    Lovely post dear. I'm following you now and I hope that we can be really great blog friends.

  7. Paola01:07

    Lovely sweaters, perfect gifts!
    Kisses, Paola.


  8. Beautiful Young01:07

    I love these sweaters ♥
    Have a nice day, dear.
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  9. Thank you very much! :)
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    Omg so cute!!



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