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How the article got lost ...

Faux Gem Star Chrismas Tree Design Hook Earrings

Hello my lovely little licornes ~ It has been a while since we were enjoying Christmas and a few spare days we could finally spend with our beloved ones and with just enjoying holidays. I can clearly remember, that before Christmas, I made an order through Rosegal. I also remember receiving a few packagings which were the order divided in. First half of them came seriously fast but I had to wait for another one. When I finally received even the second half, I took the photos of the items, edited them and also put them into this article.

But what I don´t understand is the fact, how could I possibly forget about writing the article itself! Such a shame! But well, I have to say that whole december, we were seriously busy with taking the exams and tests at university. And since I also had to take my notebook back to the store because there was a problem with it, I forgot about doing this article completely, because I didn´t rewrite my "blogger´s notes" anywhere else.

With these words of mine, I would like to deeply apologize for me forgetting to fulfill my blogger´s asiignments. I am seriously sad, angry and ashamed at my person in the same time. I will try the best of my best in the future and I will pay attention to my blogger´s duties even more then up until now. So with this all being said, shall we start? :)

* provided for a review

Cute Circle Heart Fruit Drop Earrings

With this order I completely purchased four different pairs of earrings. The first of them are these super-adorable Cute Circle Heart Fruit Drop Earrings which are composed of three main elements - upper heart, middle golden circle and bottom strawberry. I think they´re really pretty and girly. Very suitable for the spring and summer days, don´t you think?

Cute Circle Heart Fruit Drop Earrings

Faux Gem Star Chrismas Tree Design Hook Earrings

The second pair was mostly dedicated to Christmas itself. I ordered a pair of the Faux Gem Star Chrismas Tree Design Hook Earrings which look like little christmas trees with a christmas decoration on them. They look even cuter then those ones above! And they are also a bit lighter. You almost even don´t feel them while wearing them. From the back, they are completely golden.

Faux Gem Star Chrismas Tree Design Hook Earrings

Third pair of earrings is a very unusual one - Alloy Faux Pearl Pin Drop Earrings. Why you ask? Well, I haven´t met many people wearing earrings which look like a safety pin, haha. Unless they like punk or rock music. The composition of the tough safety pin and elegant and delicate pearl - that´s what I like about them the most. This little diversity. They are pretty long and a bit heavy too.

Alloy Faux Pearl Pin Drop Earrings

Asymmetric Smile Honeybee Lace Chain Earrings

The fourth and the last pair in the same time is the one of Asymmetric Smile Honeybee Lace Chain Earrings. Oh my gosh! I just love these asymetrical earrings! I was wearing them almost whole December! Even my surroundings are aware of them because they were always like Oh wait, what is that? A bee?!, haha. They are long, unusual, asymetrical, elegant, shiny, attention-catching ones - what else to wish? ♥ And by the way, did you notice that Alice in Wonderland-like looking pendant on the second one of them?

Asymmetric Smile Honeybee Lace Chain Earrings

Dark Washed High Waist Skinny Jeans

Now I would like to show you a pair of Dark Washed High Waist Skinny Jeans. I´ve always wanted those perfectly fitting jeans which I always see on the girls around. Jeans which are almost like sticked to their own skin. Since I´m a really slim  (and even small, I´m only 159cm tall) , I´ve always had a problem with finding jeans like that. Even some XS ones are big for me or - on the other hand - very small and tight. And I´m not from those who pay hundreds or tousands just for jeans.

That´s why I´ve been struggling with this piece of clothing for like eternity, I swear. I also noticed jeans which I would like to wear online, but I was still skeptical - I can´t find perfect ones here, while trying them on so wouldn´t be buying them online a huge risk for me? But it´s true that I already needed the new ones so .. I was browsing Rosegal and these ones seriously caught my attention.

Dark Washed High Waist Skinny Jeans

In the end, I ordered them in a size S. For those, who are not seeeriously skinny, I would recommend to pick jeans in at least one size bigger. So when your normal size is S, choose rather M. Since mine is XS, I chose them in the S one. As you will see on a photo below, they fit me just perfeclty. Okay, I have to admit that the first time I was trying them on I had to do a few moves because they were a bit tight even for me. But after two or three times of putting them on, they became more malleable.

And look at the lenght! These are probably the second ones in my life which aren´t long that much like they would be dedicated to 180 cm + person.

Also I like their bleach-like look thanks to which they don´t like that ordinary. The material is thicker yet seriously light and comfortable.

Dark Washed High Waist Skinny Jeans

Dark Washed High Waist Skinny Jeans

Another accessory except the jewellery which I ordered is this Warm Tartan Plaid Blanket Shawl Scarf in a lovely pastel pink colour with white and grey print. It matches my pink winter jacket just perfectly. It´s a seriously long and huge scarf which makes you feel warm even during the snowy days.

Warm Tartan Plaid Blanket Shawl Scarf

20pcs 3cm Christmas Ball Bell Christmas Tree Decoration

The last two items were dedicated especially for Christmas. You could already see them on my christmas-themed photos here on blog and especially on my Instagram during the whole December. The item you could also see on my small christmas tree is especially a little box composed of  20pcs 3cm Christmas Ball Bell Christmas Tree Decoration. I like traditional christmasy colours such as gold, red, green etc., but the main reason why I actually ordered these purple and silver ones is that I wanted to use them as a Christmas photo decoration.

The set is composed of purple shiny and glitter balls, silver shiny bells, silver holographic presents and silver cones.

20pcs 3cm Christmas Ball Bell Christmas Tree Decoration

The second decoration I put in the basket are two packages of 12PCS Christmas Decoration White Snowflake Ornaments 6CM. You can see them on my christmasy photos as well. They are really lovely and I think I will be using them as a photography decor even during the next winter months.

12PCS Christmas Decoration White Snowflake Ornaments 6CM


  1. These jeans look great on you. Nice earrings with strawberries :)


  2. Sarah Flandro23:23

    I really love your scarf, and the asymmetrical earrings are so unique. I would love to get a pair for myself. Great post!

    xo, Sarah

  3. Shannon Boyce23:23

    Oh my gosh...those earrings are PERFECT. I am so obsessed!

  4. Everything is so cute! The jeans and the scarf really caught my attention!

    Olga from Myme

  5. Aleksandra10:36

    Great post, dear! I'm in love with Christmas tree earrings! :)

    You can check my new holiday post here: Let Your Sparkle Out

    Happy holidays! Kisses! :)

  6. Thank you very much! :)
    I´m following you too ^^~


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