Being a Mermaid Essentials w/ Rosegal

Hello my little mermaids! How are you today? Already excited for summer coming? I definitely am! And I also hope that you are full of summer´s expectations as well. For today I prepared for you something like a being a mermaid essentials wishlist or an inspiration. I just love idea of mermaid. I really like this creature. But what will happen in case she will tranform herself completely into human? Well, she surely will need some stuff, don´t you think? Because of this reason (and because of my imagination as well, haha) I decided to make this article. All items and much more you can find on :)

Rosegal Mermaid

Sweet Beaded Halter Neck Color Ombre Bikini Set in a rainbow colour are a must-have! Did you notice that pearl application there? ♥

Bowknot Lace-Up Broad Brimmed Beach Straw Hat you have to definitely wear during walking or tanning on the beach!

Flower Leaf Teardrop Finger Gypsy Ring Set because you surely want to make your fingers look more pretty.

MAANGE 10Pcs Ombre Mermaid Shape Makeup Brushes Set even a little touch of makeup can make a huge difference! Maybe you will also find you second half ♥ You never know ;)

Chic Chain Bracelet and Necklace Pattern Gilding Tattoo Sticker For Women for a though mermaid!

Starfish Drop Chain Earrings accessory which looks like its "made of the sea".

Collarless Wide Sleeve Printed Kimono Blouse in case you will be a bit chilly because of the beach´s wind.

Oval Faux Pearl Nose Pad Metallic Hand Sunglasses & Wide Cat Eye Design Gradient Color Sunglasses because a protection is a must-have!

Waterproof Long Lasting Liquid Makeup Lip Pen Matte Lipstick Lip Gloss to make your lips look more sexy and plump!

Rome Style Cross Straps and Pompon Design Sandals For Women because when you transform into human, you will walk with your "new" feet ;)

Not interested in being a mermaid? That´s okay, take a look for example at Rosegal white short dresses summer 2017 Promotion and find something you like. You can also use a coupon code "RosegalChen" for a big discount!


  1. Ariadne Rodrigues14:11

    Hello, I loved the mermaid's shoes, beautiful.

    Ari ♥

  2. Ahhh adorable goodies! I wanna be a mermaid! ♥

  3. Love your wishlist!

    Happy almost Friday!
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  4. I would like to buy one pom pom sandals as well ♥

  5. Markét22:43

    Máš to moc pěkně udělané. :)

  6. Inspiring products! Love their designs)

  7. Strasne rozkosne veci su to :)) super inspiracia :)

  8. Siffat Haider10:30

    The pom pom sandals are my fave!

  9. Monica Rae01:09

    Tie okuliare vyzerajú dokonale!

  10. Katarína Sládečková15:12

    Plavky sú úplne nádherné :) Páči sa mi, že ú farebné :)


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