Zaful Swimwear & Bikini Inspiration

Hello my little lovely mermaids ~ Yeah, you read correctly. But why did I call you mermaids today? It´s simple. It´s because of a topic of today´s article. For another inspiration, I prepared a slightly different stuff. As you may know, I don´t like tanning and unfortunatelly, I can´t swim. But that doesn´t mean I don´t like wearing pretty and lovely swimwear or bikinis! Personally, I really like how they look like now. I can remember a few years ago, there wasn´t that much to choose from. For me, everything looked almost the same. But now, there is a looot of different styles, shapes, colours and patterns of them. It doesn´t matter if you go shopping to stores or buying them online. There is a huge amount you can choose from. Today, I would like to show you my picks. Enjoy ~

Zaful Cami Frilly High Leg Bikini - Pink Zaful High Leg Plunge Bathing Suit Zaful Off Shoulder Padded Tiny Floral Bikini

Zaful Tropical Palm Print Bathing Suit Zaful Floral Strap Low Open Back Swimsuit Zaful Straps High Cut Striped Swimwear

Tropical Palm Print Bathing SuitFloral Strap Low Open Back Swimsuit * Straps High Cut Striped Swimwear

Haven´t you found anything you would like? That´s okay. You can browse them yourself and pick your favourites one too ♥ If not, try looking at this Zaful floral midi dress Summer 2017 Promotion. Maybe you find something which will please you there. In case you will order something from Zaful, use a coupon code "ZafulChen" to enjoy a discount!