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Rompers Rosegal

Hello everyone! ~ Today was such a looong and exhausted day for me. Maybe it´s probably because of this crazy April´s weather. Yesterday was such a lovely day - warm and sunny, almost 23°C. Today it´s been completely different. Rainy, windy and so cold! From 23°C to 6°C like, what the hell?! I hope it will get better soon because I´m that type of a person who´s really sensitive to these weather changes. My head´s been in pain almost the whole day, ah. But I have to mentioned that I also attended a lecture with Martha Mendoza which was seriously interesting but sad at the same time. She was speaking mostly about her work and how people are still kept as slaves even nowadays.

Except those micro news I just shared with you in the paragraph above, I would like to also show you a little inspiration of rompers which I found on Rosegal. I already own a few of them and I really enjoy wearing them during the warm spring days, but especially during the summer. For some people it can look a bit uncomfortable because you can´t separate it immediately but have to take it off all at once. On the other side, you don´t have to think about clothes´ matching, because it´s composed only from one piece :) Great idea when you rush somewhere but you don´t have enough time to pick a complete outfit, don´t you think?

Rompers Rosegal


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